If You're Brown Turn Around

Publisher:  Riverdale Inter-cultural Council, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1978
Resource Type:  Audio
Cx Number:  CX2060

This 40 minute slide/tape show was produced by the Riverdale Inter-Cultural Council in 1978 to deal with the relations between whites and East Indians in Toronto. The show is attempting to analyze, how the show was made; and the document gives suggested discussion questions and additional readings.

Part One begins the exploration of the relationship between whites and East Indians, by looking at the roots of racism in conquest and colonization in order to uncover whose interests were served in this process. The show illustrates how "the inherent inferiority" of Indians was the "logical conclusion" drawn from the practice of British rule.

Part two focuses on the current social and economic conditions which allow racist ideas and practices to flourish. The recession of the 1970's, forced competition for jobs, which caused cuts in social services among other things, all provided fertile ground for racism to develop. The slide/tape show points out how immigration is used as a scapegoat in times of crisis. This part of the show relies on interviews with East Indian residents in the Riverdale community of Toronto, relating their personal experiences.

Subject Headings

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