Europe: Reactionary Working Class? "Could it be that the Left have failed their constituencies"

Wahl, Asbjørn

Publisher:  Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières
Date Written:  16/03/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20523

There is no lack of condemnation and moralizing to those who go to the far right. An increasing number of commentators, however, are now beginning to suspect that the march of large groups of workers toward the far right can be an expression of protest against the prevailing social development. Not all have received the benefits from the globalization success story.



At the same time, we experience more and more offensive and aggressive employers, who, among other things, orient themselves away from the employer's responsibility through outsourcing and the increasing use of temporary agency workers – and thus weaken trade unions. Furthermore, employers strongly benefit from the evermore anti-trade union policies of the EU/EEA and their courts, which contribute strongly to undermining trade union rights. In the persistent battle for control of the work process, work is increasingly emptied of content in many parts of the labour market. It is becoming more and more fragmented and standardized, employees are being subjected to increased monitoring, control, and management – and the work intensity is increasing.
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