Open Letter to "Human Rights Defenders" on Aleppo

Bricmont, Jean
Date Written:  2017-01-04
Publisher:  Counter Punch
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20216

Syria is the legitimacy of the interventionist policies of the U.S. and its "allies", Europeans, Turkey, and the Gulf states in that country.



For decades, the principle on which international law is based, that is, equal sovereignty of States implying non-intervention of one State in the internal affairs of another, has been systematically violated, to the point of being practically forgotten, by champions of the "right of humanitarian intervention". Recently, a number of such advocates of humanitarian intervention, self-identified as stalwart leftists, have joined the chorus of the Washington war party in reproaching the Obama administration for failure to intervene more in the military efforts to overthrow the government of Syria. In short, they are blaming the Obama administration for not having sufficiently violated international law.
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