A Future Without Hate or Need
The Promise of the Jewish Left in Canada

Reiter, Ester
Publisher:  Between the Lines, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  2016
Pages:  340pp   ISBN:  978-1-77113-016-5
Library of Congress Number:  HX550.J4R45 2016   Dewey:  335.0089'924071
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX20166

Driven from their homes in Russia, Poland, and Romania by pogroms and poverty, many Jews who came to Canada in the wave of immigration after the 1905 Russian revolution were committed radicals. A Future Without Hate or Need brings to life the rich and multi-layered lives of a dissident political community, their shared experiences and community-building cultural projects, as they attempted to weave together their ethnic particularity -- their identity as Jews -- with their internationalist class politics.


Table of Contents



Part I A Revolutionary Diaspora: Jewish Immigrants and What they Brought to Canada
1 Origins: The Making of Jewish Socialists
2 Revolutionary Values and the Jewish Left
3 Cultural Initiatives and the Politics of Everyday Life

Part II Political Struggles and the Jewish Left
4 Fighting Class Exploitation and Fascism
5 *Arbeter Froyen Vakht Oyf* (Working Women Awake!): The Jewish Women’s Labour League and Women Activists
6 Democracy and Dissent

Part III Cultural Forms: The Melodies of the Jewish Soul
7 Language and the Education of a New Generation
8 Cultural Life: Sports, Singing, Dancing, Theatre, Making Music
9 Summer Camps
10 The Legacy of a Dissident Community

Appendix A People
Appendix B The Communist Party and the Jewish Left
Appendix C Glossary

Subject Headings

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