Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Brother Max: Labour Organizer and Educator
Swerdlow, Max; Kealey, Gregory S.
Max Swerdlow outlines his work beginning in Depression-era Winnipeg, leading to his involvement with the International Labour Organization.
The role of church people in the correctional system.
Joe Zuken, Citizen and Socialist
Smith, Doug
Examines the forces that dominated Winnipeg's social and political life from the 1930s to the 1980s - the impact of European migration, the growth of radicalism, the internment of communists in World ...
Native Canadians and the United Church in Winnipeg
A study of the status of Ministries, Lodge and Indian workers, and recommendations.
Revolutionary Optimism: Journeys in Radical Politics Past and Present
Panitch, Leo; Jay, Paul
On the "Reality Asserts Itself" program of The RealNews network, Prof. Leo Panitch is interviewed by host Paul Jay. Discussion topics include his political leanings, the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, the UK ...
Six Weeks of Solidarity
Dobchuk, Victor (Director)
A look at the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike, 75 years later.
We're Going to Run This City: Winnipeg's Political left after the General Strike
Epp-Koop, Stefan
Explores the dynamic municipal politics thqt came out of the largest labour protest in Canadian history and the ramifications for Winnipeg throughout the 1920s and 1930s.
When the State Trembled: How A.J. Andrews and the Citizens' Committee Broke the Winnipeg General Strike
Kramer, Reinhold; Mitchell, Tom
Recovers the story of how the business elite-led Citizens' Committee of 1000 crushed the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919.
Winnipeg 1919: The strikers' own history of the Winnipeg General Strike
Penner, Norman (ed.)
The Winnipeg General Strike was a landmark in Canadian political and labour history. This book, with the lively and clearly-written strikers' account of the strike and more than 40 photos of major str...
Winnipeg General Strike: Connexipedia Article
The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 was one of the most influential strikes in Canadian history, and became the platform for future labour reforms. In March 1919 labour delegates from across Western C...
Winnipeg General Strike: Connexipedia: Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia
In Winnipeg on May 15, when negotiations broke down between management and labour in the building and metal trades, the Winnipeg Trades and Labor Council called a general strike.