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Anti-racists who queston Zionism are not racists
Gowans, Stephen
Anyone who criticizes the actions of the Israeli government runs the risk of being labelled anti-Semitic by those who want to silence all criticism of Israel.
The Canadian Jewish Anthology
Rosenthal, Henry
The Canadian Jewish Outlook Anthology
Rosenthal, Henry M., Berson, S. Cathy (eds.)
A broad range of articles about secular Jewish life and socialist values.
Celebrate Jewish Glasnot
Karon, Tony
Although you wouldn't know it if you followed Jewish life simply through the activities of such major Jewish communal bodies as the Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations and the An...
Jewish Canadians Concerned About Suppression of Criticism of Israel
We are Jewish Canadians concerned about all expressions of racism, anti-Semitism, and social injustice. We believe that the Holocaust legacy "Never again" means never again for all peoples. It is a tr...
A Life on the Jewish Left: An Immigrant's Experience
Biderman, Morris
Biderman was a leader of the Labour League and the United Jewish Peoples Order, Communist-led organizations whose members were unted by progressive ideals and a love of Yiddish culture.
On Resistance: BDS and Israel's Declining Support Among Diaspora Jews
Cohen, Stanley L.
Like its predecessor movement decades ago in South Africa, assessing the success of BDS against Israel today necessarily rubs up against the tension between Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) and its realit...
An Open Letter From Anti-Zionist Jewish Youth in Canada: Sources News Release
Let us not be silent bystanders while humanity suffers. Let us raise our voices, as Jewish youth, and demand a single, democratic state, with equal rights for everyone in Israel/Palestine.
Quest for Justice
Stone, Judith
Judith Stone, an American Jew, argues that Jews of conscience must support the right of return of the Palestinian people.
Review: Political War Over Palestine: Against The Current vol. 131
Finkel, David
It has become impossible to review titles like these, or discuss the issues they raise, without reference to the rise of an exceptionally vicious campaign against critical activist voices and academic...
Seth Farber's Radicals, Rabbis and Peacemakers: Against The Current vol. 120
Smith, Michael Steven
My grandparents came to America from Hungary in 1912. My family who stayed there and the Hungarian Jewish population were mostly killed by the fascists in the bitter winter of 1944, some 800,000. Twen...
What Comes Next: Towards a bi-national end-game in Palestine/Israel
Halper, Jeff
Jeff Halper suggests that the best political system to express both the desires of the two national communities of Palestine/Israel for self-determination and of its individual citizens for democracy ...

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Winchevsky Centre (Morris Winchevsky School)
The Winchevsky Centre is a progressive secular Jewish community centre offering intergenerational cultural and educational opportunities emphasizing Jewish history and traditions. Programs reflect a s...

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Jewish Voices for Peace and Justice
Press Release
Canadian Jews who oppose the continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza by Israel will gather for a one-day conference on June 8, 2003 in Toronto.
Two-state solution
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