The Canadian Alternate Celebrations Catalogue

Publisher:  Lanark Hills Foundation Inc., Perth, Canada
Year Published:  1975
Pages:  107pp   Price:  $2.00   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX177

A catalogue of ways to seek alternatives in our way of living and celebrating in the context of a comsumer society.

This catalogue is compiled by volunteers to serve as a means to: 1) search for viable and simpler alternatives in lifestyle; 2) to speak and work for justice in the third world (in Canada and the global village) and 3) to speak to environmental issues. The catalogue notes the urgency of seeking alternatives in our ways of living and celebrating in the context of a consumer society, which overtly threatens to dehumanize us. To bring about such changes, concrete steps taken from Canadian experience are outlined, e.g.: simpler and more wholistic approaches to Christian and Jewish celebrations, food preparation, gift-giving and gift-making, etc. The catalogue also describes how one can become more immediately involved in "celebrating community" on various levels - domestic, local and national and international. About 30 active Canadian groups are described: e.g., L'Arche, Ecology Sound Housing, Inter-church Project on Population, Canadian Peace Research Institute, Canadian Save the Children Fund, Brazilian Studies. A "resource" section for celebrating and living is also provided including relevant books, non-print resources and other info.
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