The Founding of Canada
Beginnings to 1815

Ryerson, Stanley B.
Publisher:  Progress Books, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1963
Pages:  358pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX15026


Table of Contents


1: Bedrock of Canada. Beginning of life. "Labor Created Man."
2: First Dwellers in Our Land. Ancient Communal Society
3: Stone Age People of the Arctic
4: Hunters, Food-gatherers, Agriculturists
5: From Communal Society to Slave-ownership on the Pacific Coast
6: Spirits, Dreams and Totems
7: From Feudal to Capitalist Society. Colonialism and the " New World"
8: Reconnoitering the Approaches
9: A Northwest Passage?
10: The Great Fishery
11: The Fur Trade of New France
12: The Iroquois Resistance
13: "Workers and Plowmen"
14: Feudal New France
15: Seedlings of Capitalism in Canada
16: The Rulers and the Ruled
17: The English Revolution. Contest for Empire
18: Anglo-French Conflict : First Round of Wars
19: Progress and Crisis: 1713-1745
20: Cultural Achievements in New France
21: Conquest of Canada ( I )
22: Conquest of Canada ( II)
23: Britain's New " Province of Quebec"
24: The American War for Independence
25: The Maritimes and the Revolutionary War
26: Canada and the American Revolution. Lower Canada and the French Revolution
27: Indian and Negro Slavery. The Theft of Indian Lands
28: Rise of the North West Company
29: The North Pacific. Russian and British America.
31: Imperialist Policy and Democratic Struggles in British North America.
32: Invasion of Canada
33: The Outcome of the War
Postscript: A Note on Marxism and Canadian Historiography
Reference Notes

N. America: Era of Ancient Life
Main Divisions, Canadian Land-Mass
Distribution of Indian, Arctic Peoples
John Davis: Exploration
Western France in the 17th Century
New France and the English colonies
Areas of Exploration on the West Coast
Invasion of the Canadas:1812-14

Umiak and Rayak
Eskimo Dancing
Indian Women at Work
Fishing for, Curing and Drying Cod
The Cod
Farming in 17th-18th century France
French Carpenters at Work
Work at a Shipyard
The St. Maurice Forges
Stove-making and Hardware
Title-page: Du Creux
Title-page: EncyclopeDie
Beginning of article on CANADA
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