Which Way Africa?
The Search for a New Society

Davidson, Basil
Publisher:  Penguin, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1971   First Published:  1964
Pages:  270pp  
Resource Type:  Book
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Davison sets out to analyze the social, economic, political motives, myths, ideas, and beliefs which ounderlie modern African nationalism.


Table of Contents

1. A Time of Great Change
2. The African Groundwork
3. The Foreign Contribution
4. Key Ideas
5. Political Springboards
African Nationalism
The African Personality
6. The Real Colonial Crisis
7. The Problems of Transition
8. Early Approaches
The One-Party State
African Socialism
A New Model
9. Stumbling Blocks
10. After 1965: Independence in Travail
11. A Neo-Imperialism? Menace and Resistance
12. Which Way Africa? The Challenge of the 1970s
13. On the Record: The Charter of Unity
14. References
15. Index

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