Engels: Selected Writings

Engels, Friedrich; edited with an introduction by W.O. Henderson
Publisher:  Pelican
Year Published:  1967  
Pages:  414pp  
Resource Type:  Book
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A selection of Engels' writings.


Table of Contents

General Introduction
Career of Friedrich Engels

1. Engels and the English Workers
1. The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844
(i) Manchester in 1844
(ii) Working-Class Movements in England, 1844
2. Ireland in 1856
3. The General Election of 1868
4. The English Working-Class Movement in 1879
5. Articles from The Labour Standard, 1881
(i) A Fair Day's Wages for a Fair Day's Work
(ii) The Wages System
(iii) Trades Unions I
(iv) Trades Unions II
(v) A Working Men's Party
(vi) Social Classes - necessary and superfluous
6. The English Workers in 1895

2. Engels and the German Workers
1. The Workers of Wuppertal, 1839
2. Communism in Elberfeld in 1845
3. The Elberfeld Rising of 1849
4. The Insurrection in Baden in 1849
5. Ferdinand Lassalle
6. The Gotha Programme of 1875
7. The German Anti-Socialist Law, 1879-90

3. The Economist
1. Outlines of a Critique of Political Economy, 1844
2. Review of Das Kapital, 1868
3. Socialism, Utopian and Scientific, 1892

4. The Historian
1. The Formation of the State among the Germans
2. Luther and Munzer
3. The German Revolution of 1848
(i) The Vienna Insurrection
(ii) The Berlin Insurrection
(iii) The Frankfurt National Assembly
(iv) The Prussian Assembly and the National Assembly
(v) The Close of the Insurrection
4. Introduction to The Class Struggles in France
5. Introduction to The Civil War in France

5. The Philosopher
1. Marxist Philosophy
2. Engels to Bloch

6. The Military Critic
1. The Invasion of Britain
2. The Volunteer Movement in England
(i) A Review of English Volunteer Riflemen
(ii) Volunteer Officers
3. The American Civil War
4. The Seven Weeks War

7. The Letter Writer
1. Engels and his Father
2. Engels's Quarrel with Marx, 1863
3. Engels in Manchester, 1850-70
4. The Natural Sciences
5. Death of Marx, 1883
6. The Danger of World War, 1888
7. Engels Visit to Germany in 1893

Principal Writings of Friedrich Engels

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