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The Medical Reform Group of Ontario (MRG) was formed in 1978 by a small group of doctors who were concerned that there was no voice for progressive, socially-conscious physicians in Canada. They did not feel a forum existed to address the social dimensions of health and disease. Members were united around three principles:

  • 1. The universal access of every person to high quality, appropriate health care must be guaranteed. The health care system must be administered in a manner which precludes any monetary or other deterrent to equal care.

  • 2. Health care workers, including physicians, should seek out and recognize the social, economic, occupational, and environmental causes of disease, and be directly involved in their eradication.

  • 3. The health care system should be structured in a manner in which the equally valuable contribution of all health workers is recognized. Both the public and health care workers should have a direct say in resource allocation and in determining the setting in which health care is provided.

  • The Medical Reform Group dissolved in 2014.

    For a brief history of the Medical Reform Group (to 1994) see here. To see news releases issued by the MRG between 1979 and 1995, see here.

    The list below includes all newsletters, magazines, and mailings published by the Medical Reform Group from 1979 through 2014. Many, but not all, are available online in PDF format. Print issues are available in the Connexions Archive.

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Issue #1 July 1979
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #4 November, 1979 Vol. 1, No. 1
Issue #5 December, 1979
Issue #6 January, 1980
Issue #7 March, 1980
Issue #8 April, 1980
Issue #9 April, 1980 Vol. 1, No. 2
Issue #10
Issue #11 Summer, 1980
Issue #12 Fall, 1980
Issue #13 November 27, 1980
Issue #14 April 20, 1981
Issue #15 October 29, 1981 Vol. 1, No. 1
Issue #16 March, 1982 Vol. 2, No. 2
Issue #17 April 13, 1982
Issue #18 April, 1982 Vol. 2, No. 2
Issue #19 April, 1982 Vol. 1, No. 1
Issue #20 August, 1982 Vol. 1, No. 2
Issue #21 August, 1982 Vol. 2, No. 3
Issue #22
Issue #23 January, 1983 Vol. 2, No. 1
Issue #24 February, 1983
Issue #25 June, 1983 Vol. 3, No. 2
Issue #26 September, 1983 Vol. 3, No. 3
Issue #27 October, 1983

Issue #28 January, 1984 Mailing
Content Title Author
Canada Health Act
Drug Cost at Stake in Patient Law Battle Charlotte Montgomery
News Release
The Danger of Travelling the U.S. Route on Medicare Cynthia Carver
Most Doctors Want to Stay in OHIP Rebel MD Says Hamlin Grange
Medicare Penalties Need More Teeth, Advocacy Group Says Robert Stephens
The Canadian Health Coalition Press Conference, December 14, 1983
Medicare System Envied in U.S. Paul Taylor

Issue #29 March, 1984 Vol. 4, No. 1
Content Title Author
Ontario Health Professions Legislation Paul Rosenberg
Ontario Health Coalition Conference, February 24-25, 1984 Fran Scott
The Canada Health Act
Extra-Billing is Tax on Sick, Doctors' Reform Group Says Bruce Ward

Issue #30 April, 1984 Vol. 4, No. 2
Content Title Author
Canada Health Act / Medicare
Doctors' Group Attacks Critics of Health Act Farrell Crook
Background of Medicare in Ontario
Doctors Lose Patience with Hospital Inc. Murray MacAdam
Health News in Brief Ulli Diemer
Discussion Paper on MRG Endorsement of Other Groups Phil Berger

Issue #31 June, 1984 Vol. 4, No. 3
Content Title Author
MRG Spring General Meeting Ulli Diemer
Steering Committee Report, Spring General Meeting
Opposition to OMA Scare Tactics Urged on 'Decent' Doctors
Health News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Reform MDs Attack OMA Over New Act Pat Daley
GP Fights Bill that Gives File Access Ken Pole
Proposed Security Bill Threatens Patient Confidentiality Says CMA Secretary-General
MP's Remarks Anger CMA
Loophole in Health Act May Put an End to Premiums John Shaughnessy
OMA Mislead Members; Group Says Pat Rich

Issue #32

Issue #33 September, 1984 Vol. 4, No. 5
Content Title Author
Medical Reform Group General Meeting and Fifth Anniversary
Second Submission of the Medical Reform Group to the Health Profession Legislation Review
Not Always What Doctor Ordered
Health News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Medical Charges Assailed
Perform Group Overpublicized
Berger has His Say

Issue #34 November, 1984 Vol. 4, No. 6
Content Title Author
MRG General Meeting Report Ulli Diemer
A Brief Briefing Paper to the Medical Reform Group on the Support of the Health Research in Canada Carol Buck

Issue #35 January, 1985 Vol. 5, No. 1
Content Title Author
MRG Abortion Press Conference
News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Abortion Faster Safer in Clinics MDs' Group Says Robert Sutton
Government Assailed on Abortion Policy Lorrie Goldstein
Abortion News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Bizarre Abortion Mess
Letters to Editor
Questioning the Test John Haslett Cuff
Where There’s Smoke, There's Money Robert Sherrill

Issue #36 March, 1985 Vol. 5, No. 2
Content Title Author
Medical Reform Group General Meeting
Women and Health Care
Meetings, Publications and Other Notes of Interest
The Doctor's Office that's Drive In Bud Gordon
Good Communication is Essential The Patients’ Advocate
The Economic Illusion Robert Kuttner
Blood Testing an Ethical Trap
Ontario Group Wants Earlier, Easier Abortions
End Predicted to Medical Extra Billing
MRG: Enforcing Health Act Eliminating Premium Key
Health News Briefs Ulli Diemer

Issue #37 April, 1985 Vol. 5, No. 3
Content Title Author
MRG Spring General Meeting
Report: Health Disciplines Review
Notices and Announcements
Evolution of Health Care: A Working Option to OHIP Robert Frankford
Workers' Centre Fights for Healthy, Safe Workplace Virginia Galt
MD Broke an Oath at U.S. Protest, Lawyer Charges Glen Mackenzie
Brainwashing Protest
Asbestos Masks "Cosmetic" Says Firm Angela Singer
Vaccine Creator Walking Again
Abortion Pickets Miss the Point
Doctors Pressure Colleague Maureen Murray
Pushing Pills for Profit in Canada Joel Lexchin
Health News Briefs Ulli Diemer

Issue #38 July, 1985 Vol. 5, No. 4
Content Title Author
General Meeting Report Ulli Diemer
From Steering Committee
Report: Health Disciplines Review
Notices and Announcements
MRG Introduces "Generic" Speeches
Forum Discusses Nursing Report
Anne Coy on OARNA Review
The Doctors Who Care June Callwood
Group Calls for End to Opting Out of OHIP Hamilton Spectator
Extra-Billing Costs Ontario $44 Million Caitlin Kelly
Premier Writes Doctors Supporting Extra Billing Ross Howard
Extra-Billing Avoided as a Big Election Issue Murray Campbell
Abortion Foes Cite Historic Law
5 Doctors Get Abortion Training at Morgentaler's Toronto Clinic Robert Sutton
Doctor's Looking South Face Familiar Problem Caitlin Kelly
Health Care a Key Election Issue
Increase Price of Drugs to Pay for Research Inquiry Urges Joel Ruimy
Health News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Shaving Costs of Medical Care by Toning Up The System Cynthia Carver

Issue #39 September, 1985 Vol. 5, No. 5
Content Title Author
MRG Tackles Drug Advertising Ulli Diemer
MRG Meets With Health Minister Gord Guyatt
Of Interest...
Notices and Announcements
Proposed Resolution on Maternal Health Care
First and Foremost in Community Centres: The Centre in Sault Ste Marie and the CHC Alternative Jonathan Lomas
A Letter to MRG Members From Nicaragua
Some MDs Expressing Alarm Over Drug Sales Campaigns Linda McQuaig
Critique of Multinationalists Rejected by Journal's Editor
Doctors' Rights Philip Berger
Case for Midwifery Gets Boost from Obstetrician Linda Hossie
Challenge of Health Acts is Criticized
Health News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Letter to Michel Cote

Issue #40 October, 1985 Vol. 5, No. 6
Content Title Author
General Meeting
Former Judge Assails WCB Rudy Platiel
Company MDs Push Quick Return to Work, University Study Says Stephen Strauss
Stricken Workers Misused, Experts Say Ian Mulgrew, Gabor Mate
The Company Doctor May Be a Hazard to Your Health
Why U.S. Medicare is Unfair to Millions of Elderly Citizens

Issue #41 December, 1985 Vol. 5, No. 7
Content Title Author
General Meeting Report Ulli Diemer
Higher Limits Proposed for Work-Place Toxins
Notices and Announcements
Of Interest...
OMA has Taken a Fringe Position on Extra Billing, Says Reform Group Kathleen Harford
Doctors Denounce as Unfair Proposed Extra-Billing Ban Ann Silversides
Dr. Michael Rachlis Addresses Poverty Meeting
Labor Group Fights Medical Monitoring Virginia Galt
Health News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Resolutions at Fall General Meeting

Issue #42 February, 1986 Vol. 6, No. 1
Content Title Author
Media Coordinator's Report Jan. 10, 1986 Michael Rachlis
Press Releases
The Myth That Extra-Billing is Good for All Michael Rachlis
MRG Continues Battle Against Extra Billing... Michael Rachlis
End of Extra-Billing: What do MDs Merit? Judy Steed
Extra-Billing: MD Claims Won't Wash Gordon Guyatt
OHIP Feud Centres on Freedom, Fairness Robert Matas
Privatization of Health Care Seen as No Solution to Problem of Cost Ann Silversides
Reformer Rips OMA 'Blunder' Linda Barnard
Medical News Briefs Ulli Diemer

Issue #43 April, 1986 Vol. 6, No. 2
Content Title Author
MRG Spring General Meeting
Update on Extra Billing Michael Rachlis
MRG Press Statements
MRG Summary Sheet for CMA Task Force Report on the Allocation of Health Care Resources
Progress On Rational Use of Drugs
Coalition Warns Mulroney to Resist Drug Industry Pressure
Letter to College of Family Physicians
Against Dr. Barbara Lent Dahlia Reich
Reform Group Accuses Doctors of Burying Negative Report Linda McQuaig
Doctors' Group Supports Ban
Extra-Billing Stands Draws MDs' Ire Ann Silversides
Extra-Billing Worry for Senators Carolyn Dykeman
Doctors in Ontario Show Rare Unity in Extra-Billing Battle Pat Rich
Many Area MDs Back Call for Defiance Christine Cox
OMA asked for Apology Over 'False' Poster on Extra Billing
Labor, Women, Elderly to Rally in Support of Extra-Billing Ban Denise Harrington
OMA Plans Health Care Accessibility Week and Asks Members to Disobey Pending Law Kathleen Harford
Doctors' Groups Split Over Extra-Billing Law as MPPs Start Hearings Duncan McMonagle
Doctors' View of Civil Servants Insulting, Union President Says Susan Delacourt
Lincoln MDs Will Stage First Protest Dana Robbins
Ban Doctors' Extra Billing Gordon Guyatt
Patients Print Own Cards on Billing Ann Silversides
Practising What We Preach Lynn Lathrop
Abortion Doctor Breaks Silence in Call for Coverage by OHIP William Walker
OMA Fanatics Ruining Respect Doctors Earned Trevor Hancock

Issue #44 May 1986 -

Issue #45 June - July, 1986 Vol. 6, No. 3
Content Title Author
General Meeting Report Ulli Diemer
But this Doctor Talking Medicine, Not Politics Brian Porter
Doctor Defends Government on Extra Billing Issue
MRG in the Media Gord Guyatt
Group’s Claims on Health Care are Disputed Denise Harrington
Treating the Person, Not the Purse? Steven Rauchman
Lesson for Ontario Doctors in Two Western Facedowns Gabor Mate
The Sick Will Be the Ones Who Suffer Anita Elash
MD Remains at Work; Cities More Serious Challenge Ann Silversides
Health News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Mock Trial Finds Abortion Laws Unjust Erika Rosenfeld
Doctors Resist Needed Reform Ken Pole
Drug Industry Warns New Bill Could Cost Ontario 2,000 Jobs Denise Harrington
Choice's New Face Susan G. Cole
This Doctor Supports Ban and Refuses to Stop Working Paul Benedetti
Doctor Criticizes OMS for Extra-Billing Stand Ann Silversides
Reformer Question OMA Tactics Alex Matheson
Doctor Opposed to Strike Says it 'Victimized' One Patient Kevin Von Appen, Emilia Casella, Louis Smirlis
MRG Resolution Approved at Semi-Annual Meeting May 3rd 1986
Extra Billing Gordon Guyatt

Issue #46 October, 1986 -
Issue #47

Issue #48 October, 1986 Vol. 6, No. 5
Content Title Author
MRG General Meeting
News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Update on Proposed Changes to the Patent Act Joel Lexchin
Extra Billing: What's Up, Doc? Susan Stock
Labor Ministry Officials Sabotaging Laws to Protect Workers, Brief Says John Deverell
Laying the Blame for a Political Catastrophe Philip Berger

Issue #49 December, 1986 Vol. 6, No. 6
Content Title Author
MRG October General Meeting Ulli Diemer
Notices and Announcements
After the Doctors' Strike: Where Do We Go from Here? Ralph W. Sutherland
Get Consent for AIDS Test, Doctor Urges Craig McInnes
Medical Mistakes Slip Through Testing Net, Authors Say Ann Silversides
Job Threatened Over Studies of Cancer Links, MD Says John Deverell
Doctor Defends Toned-Down Study on Worker Health John Deverell
Power Shifts to Insurers in U.S. Medical System
Technology Serves the Rich While the Poor Wait for Care Ann Silversides
Community Clinics Called Sane Route to Health Services Ann Silversides
U.S. Leads the Way in Controlling Health Care Costs Ann Silversides
New Fees Allowed MDs Slammed by Medical Group Lillian Newbery
Women Get Worse Medical Care than Men, Female Doctor Says
Health News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Submission to the Committee on Privatization from the Medical Reform Group of Ontario

Issue #50 February, 1987 Vol. 7, No. 1
Content Title Author
MRG Responds to Request from Evan Commission
Doctors and Strikes and Governments Haresh Kirpalani
Discussion Paper of Issues Related to the Physicians' Job Against Bill 94 Michael Rachlis
Health News Briefs Ulli Diemer
A Prescription for Profits Joel Lexchin
Abortions at Morgentaler Clinic Doubled Because MDs Refuse Referrals
Workers' Health and Safety Checkup Ellie Kirzner
Extra-Billed Patients Given $7,000 Ann Silversides

Issue #51 April, 1987 Vol. 7, No. 2
Content Title Author
Medical Group Spring General Meeting Background Psychiatry and Current Issue of Patient Rights
1986 Amendments to the Ontario Mental Health Act
Learning Political Science With the MRG Robert Frankford
Alternative Therapies - A Challenge Fred Freedman
The British Columbia Billing Numbers Dispute Haresh Kirpalani
Challenges to Hospitals Under Charter are Predicted Ann Silversides
The MRG Brief to the Parliamentary Committee on Bill C-22
Health News Briefs Ulli Diemer
A Nasty Replica of Question Period Joel Ruimy
Politicians Moving Cautiously on Abortion Rosemary Speirs
Mental Health Act Amendments: Review for the Spring 1987 Meeting of the MRG Don Woodside

Issue #52 June, 1987 Vol. 7, No. 3
Content Title Author
MRG General Meeting Ulli Diemer;
Book Review (A Savage Enquiry: Who Controls Childbirth?) Catherine Oliver
Women's Health Initiatives: Steps Forward or Sideways? Fran Scott
Health News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Hospitals' Bold Assault on City Treasury
Prognosis for Walk-In Clinics: Good Health Throughout '80s Stephen Nicholls
Prepaid Plans: Will Dentists Bite? Marina Strauss
Doctors' Blood Pressure Climbs When Income Drops; Study Finds
Health Care Field Provides No Cure for Gambling Urge
Keeping the Lid on the Health-Care Pressure Cooker Rosemary Speirs

Issue #53
Issue #54 October 1987 Vol. 7, No. 5

Issue #55 October - November, 1987 Vol. 7, No. 6
Content Title Author
General Meeting Report Michael Rachlis
A Premier’s Council on Health: Is it a Benefit to Reform or Will It Be an Impediment to Change? Ted Ball

Issue #56 December, 1987 Vol. 7, No. 7
Content Title Author
The Schwartz Commission and Discipline
Doctors Using Administration Fees to Get Around Billing Rules: Report
Why Women's Groups Oppose Depo-Provera Marsha M. Cohen
A Review of "To Hurt and To Heal" Philip Hebert
Another Review of "To Hurt and To Heal" Haresh Kirpalani
AIDS and the Restriction of Liberties Philip Hebert
News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Skid Row Revisited
Social Spending Can Avert a Recession
Utilization of Health Care in Ont. Partially Falls in Laps of Doctors Pat Rich
Hospitals Find Sidelines to Raise Money for Care Marina Strauss
Hospital in the Home
Ministers Differ on Linking of Trade, Drugs Christopher Waddell
Report Predicts Imports Will Flood Market Joan Breckenridge
Good Health Care: Is It a Legal Right? David Golden
Business Smells Profit in Bid for Clean Workplace Craig McInnes
Seizing the Unborn
Health Care System Cheaper than in U.S.
Rising Costs of Health Care Still Outstrip Medicare Gains Robert Pear
73 of 100 Sewage Staff Have Skin Complains, Study Says William Walker
Workers Get Right to Pock Own MD for Health Testing John Deverell
No Tests CMA Says
Doctors' Group Wants All Party Leaders to Outline Plans for Ending Extra-Billing
Media Omit AIDS Facts Gkenn Wheeler
Don't Punish the Sick with Deterrent Fees Haresh Kirpalani

Issue #57 March 1988 -

Issue #58 February, 1988 Vol. 8, No. 1
Content Title Author
Editorial Haresh Kirpalani
Meeting on MRG Directions Ulli Diemer
Is Ontario Now Ready for H?O's? Robert Frankford
OCAC Response to the Proposed Women's Health Centres Catherine Oliver
Health Promotion & Pesticides the Nicaraguan Strategy Donald Cole and Merri Weiger
Free Trade - It's Effect Upon Women, the Health Care System and the Arms Industry
High Price of Health
Compulsory Obstetric Interventions

Issue #59 April, 1988 Vol. 8, No. 2
Content Title Author
Resolutions for Spring General Meeting
The Fetal Rights Debate Bob Kellermann
Abortion and the Law: What Now? Nikki Colodny
Marlboro Cowboy Rides Again in the East Jack Micay
Impressions of January 29th
AIDS and Medical Confidentiality
Refusal to Treat AIDS and HIV Positive Patients
Drugs and AIDS Denise Grady
The Price of Treating AIDS Joel Lexchin
Insurance Firms Breaking Law Joan Breckenridge
Will Ontario Meet Obligations in AIDS Fight? Philip Berger
Doctor Calls Education Programs Inadequate Lila Sarick
Doctors Opposing the Use of Placebo in Test of AIDS Drug Lillian Newberry
Doctors Continue to Extra-Bill Matt Maychak
News Digest Ulli Diemer
"Asylum": A Film Review Bob James

Issue #60 June, 1988 Vol. 8, No. 3
Content Title Author
Healthy Communities: Canadian Project Trevor Hancock
The Alberta Nurses Strike Trudy Richardson
MRG Spring General Meeting Summary Ulli Diemer
Steering Committee Report
Letter on AIDS Education and Care Philip Berger
Information Sheets for Immunization Robert James
Lawyers for Tobacco Firms Reconnoiter at Trial Morton Mintz
Tobacco Companies Mount Major Legal Effort in Trial Morton Mintz
Setting a Fairer Price for Medicare Judith Feder & Jack Hadley
Controversial Program Would Withold Treatment from Half of the 300 Patients
Good Medicine, Better Business Glen Kramon
Industry Helped at Expense of Research, Student Group Says Margaret Polanyi
Scholar Stresses Home AIDS Care Ann Silversides
Accord Viewed as Near on Medicare Bill Martin Tolchin

Issue #61 September, 1988 Vol. 8, No. 4
Content Title Author
Fall General Meeting
Report on the IV International Conference on AIDS Philip Berger
The National Health Service: Part I
The Medical Reform Group of Ontario, A Study of a Political Interest Group Don Woodside
"Healthy MRG 1989" Don Woodside

Issue #62 October, 1988 Vol. 8, No. 5
Content Title Author
Questions and Themes for the General Meeting Fred Freedman
Steering Committee Report Fall 1988 Don Woodside
Health Focus Group on CHOs Bob Frankford
Drug Use in Zimbabwe and Lesotho Norman Nyazema

Issue #63 December, 1988 Vol. 8, No. 6
Content Title Author
The MRG and Community Clinics Bob James
MRG Fall General Meeting Ulli Diemer
MRG Statement on Free Trade
Health Professions on Legislation Review Update
The Children of the Siege Haresh Kirpalani
Prescribing In Canada: A Review of the Literature Joel Lexchin
The Psychiatric Care of Detainees
Could Free-Trade Deal Lead to Bottom-Line Medicine? Jack Micay
Legalize Midwifery, Group Urge
Epp is Criticized for Veto of Research Using Fetuses Dorothy Lipovenko
Soaring Health Costs are About to Torpedo U.S. Corporate Profits Louis Rukeyser
Drug Patent Under Opposition Fire Janice Turner
Clinics Providing 'Front-Line Medicine' Ann Silversides

Issue #64
Issue #65 April, 1989 Vol. 9, No. 2

Issue #66 June, 1989 Vol. 9, No. 3
Content Title Author
Schwartz Dynamite? Don Woodside
Comments on the Schwartz Commission Bob James
Resource Allocation in the Health System Michael Rachlis
Re-Allocating Resources for Health
A National Health Program for U.S.? Robert Frankford
Book Review: "Second Opinion" Fred Freedman
Book Review: Worse than the Disease Robert Frankford
Radical Deficit Cutting Haresh Kirpalani
News Briefs Ulli Diemer

Issue #67 August - September, 1989 Vol. 9, No. 4
Issue #68 October, 1989 Vol. 9, No. 5
Issue #69 December, 1989 Vol. 9, No. 6

Issue #70 April, 1990 Vol. 10, No. 1
Content Title Author
MRG Directions, Media Strategy, and Resource Allocation Policies to be General Meeting Themes
The MRG Dilemma Ralph W. Sutherland
A Glut of Doctors Don Woodside
What Kind of Primary Care Model? Bob James
What’s Wrong With Primary Care (and What Can We Do About it?) Brian Hutchison
Inside HMOs - From the USA Steffie Woolhandler
MRG Submission on ‘Fetal Rights’ Mimi Divinsky
Review: Inside Ciba-Geigy Olle Hansson
My Summer Vacation Clayton Ruby
B.C. Heart Patients Await News on Bid to Clear Surgery Backlog Deborah Wilson
The Spectre of Two-Tier Medicare Christie Wilson
Ontario MDs Alarmed by Panel's Proposal for Cap on Medicare Christie McLaren
Study Question Need for Clinics Geoffrey York
Group Urges Review of Costly Medical Technologies Christie McLaren
Health Plans Found to Cut Hospital Costs Joan Breckenridge
MDs Consider Limiting Tests for Dementia Paul Taylor
News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Shortage of Nurses in Parts of Canada Stirs New Look at Pay Christie McLaren

Issue #71 July, 1990 Vol. 10, No. 2
Content Title Author
"Warning: Poverty is Hazardous to your Health" Havi Echenberg
Poverty - What's Being Done About It? Janet Mosher
SARC Update Cathy Crowe
Facts and Fallacies - Resource Allocation H. Kirpalani and A. Oxman
The MRG Health Policy Menu Ralph W. Sutherland
How You Responded to the Questionnaire
Medical Reform Group of Ontario General Meeting Minutes Ulli Diemer

Issue #72 September, 1990 Vol. 10, No. 3
Content Title Author
Medical Reform Group Press Release Regarding Provincial Elections
Questionnaire Responses from Progressive Conservative and New Democratic Parties
Primary Care
Steering Committee Report August 1900
MRGers Meet With Ontario Medical Association Representatives
Speaking Up for the OMA Bob Frankford
The OMA and the MRG Fred Freedman
MRG's Relationship to OMA Barbara Lent
Letter on Administrative Fees
What the American Medical Press is Saying: Recent News from the NEJM Gord Guyatt
Cross-Cultural Caring: A Handbook for Health Professionals in Western Canada Sue Inwood
Letter on Community Care Eugene Vayda
The Medical Reform Group of Ontario Searches for Purpose Lynne Cohen
Letter to CMA Journal: Our Principles are Still a Beacon
Life After Extrabilling: A Brief Comment Haresh Kirpalani

Issue #73 October, 1990 Vol. 10, No. 4
Content Title Author
MRG Fall Meeting Looks at Primary Care

Issue #74 February, 1991 Vol. 11, No. 1
Content Title Author
MRG Representatives Meet With Ontario's New Health Minister John W. Frank
Lively Discussion of Life Under NDP Government Ulli Diemer
Abortion Law Policy Mimi Divinsky
The MRG and the Crisis in American Health Care Gord Guyatt
Book Review: Privatization of Health Care: The Case of Ontario Nursing Homes Jane Aronson
Is Access to Health Care an Issue for MRG Members? Dilin Baker, Kathy Jardill, Cathy Crowe
MRG Debated in Canadian Medical Association Journal
Primary Care, NDP Government Main Topic at MRG General Meeting Ulli Diemer

Issue #75 April, 1991 Vol. 11, No. 2

Issue #76 August, 1991 Vol. 11, No. 3
Content Title Author
Cap On High Billers is a Step in the Right Direction
Patented Medicines Review Board Joel Lexchin
College Looks at Physicians' Relationship to Pharmaceutical Industry Gord Guyatt
Relationship Between Health Science Faculties and the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry George D. Sweeney
Medical Residency Policy Concerning the Pharmaceutical Industry Gord Guyatt
News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Meeting Explores Ideas for Democratizing Health Care Ulli Diemer
Action for U.S. Health Plan Continues Gord Guyatt
No Pot of Gold at the End of U.S. Rainbow, Doctors Warned
Black Masks Against Blue Cross

Issue #77 October, 1991 Vol. 11, No. 4
Content Title Author
Canadian-Style Health Care More Cost Effective
More Questions than Answers... (sigh!) Joel Lexchin
Steering Committee Activities Ulli Diemer
The MRG and the OMA Fred Freedman
Thoughts and Opinions on the OMA
Stop the War Against Women

Issue #78 December, 1991 Vol. 11, No. 5
Content Title Author
MRG 'David' Vows Continued Alternative to OMA 'Goliath' Ulli Diemer
MRG Warns Lankin on Indiscriminate Cost-Cutting
Moves Afoot to Re-Create an Ontario Health Coalition
Letter to Health Minister
Reflection on Speaking Tour in the United States Gord Guyatt
MRG in the USA Haresh Kirpalani
Drug Licensing Changes May Be Imminent
Mothers’ Milk Threatened By Free Trade Pact
User Fees Lead to Two-Tiered Health Care Mimi Divinsky
Time to Look at Medical Resource Management
Concern About Bill 135 E.E. Daniel, Ph.D.
News Briefs Ulli Diemer
OMA Debated at Fall Meeting Ulli Diemer
Excellence in Medical Care Award

Issue #79 April, 1992 Vol. 12, No. 1
Content Title Author
Spring Meetings to Look at the Future of Medicare in Britain and Ontario
Procedures May Be Cut from OHIP
Who Should Decide and How Should Decisions Be Made
MRG Comments On Policy Statements By Health Minister Gordon Guyatt
Orser Commission Report Looks at Health Planning in South Western Ontario Fran Scott
Midwifery in Ontario Karyn J Kaufman RN
Organizational Changes in the Ministry of Health
Patients Without Health Cards Refused Service
Efficiency and Resource Allocation Gord Guyatt
Administrative Costs in Health Care in Canada and the USA Gord Guyatt
News Briefs Ulli Diemer

Issue #80 May, 1992 Vol. 12, No. 2
Content Title Author
Medicare is in Danger: What We Can Do to Save It
Future of Medicare On the Line
Delisting Haresh Kirpalani
Resource Allocation Questions
Proposed Delisting of Procedures David Haslam
MRG Responds to Proposals to Re-Direct Long-Term Care
The National Health Service Haresh Kirpalani
Steering Committee Activities
Medical Care in the USA: A Case of Terminal Disease Haresh Kirpalani, Gord Guyatt
Changing the Last Dinosaur Analyzing the Reform of the National Health Service Reg Race

Issue #81 September, 1992 Vol. 12, No. 3
Content Title Author
The MRG, McMaster University and Direct Billing of Patients Gord Guyatt
De-Listing Gets Further Examination Mimi Divinsky
Physician Resource Management: A Debate Which is Crucial to Future of Health Care
News Briefs Ulli Diemer

Issue #82 November, 1992 Vol. 12, No. 4
Content Title Author
Physician Reimbursement: A Point-by-Point Analysis
Fall Meeting to Debate the Alternatives
Further Analysis on Payment
Family Physicians' Group Looks at Alternate Payment Mechanism
Whither HSOs? Rosana Pellizzari
Steering Committee Activities

Issue #83 December, 1992 Vol. 12, No. 5
Content Title Author
MRG Meeting Favours Capitation, Salary Over Fee-For-Service for Primary Care MDs Ulli Diemer
Medicare Under Attack: Time for a Popular Campaign Janet Maher
Drug Benefits Plan Undegoes Reform Mitch Levine
Pharmaceuticals Bill Will Drive Up Costs
Patent Greed Ruth Scher
Canadian Health-Care System Superior to U.S. Model, Group Told Adrian Humphreys
MRG Debates How MDs Should Be Paid Ulli Diemer
Attack on Canadian Health Care System Called Very Misleading Gordon Guyatt, Haresh Kirpalani

Issue #84 March, 1993 Vol. 13, No. 1
Content Title Author
Drug Benefit Changes Have Consequences For Low-Income Patients Mimi Divinsky
Science Suports Case for Brand Name Drugs John T. Edward
Higher Costs for Health Care, Higher Profit for Industry Gordon Guyatt
USA Today: Organizing for Health Care Rosana Pellizzari
National Health Care Gets Boost Joan M. Mazzolini
Renumeration of Physicians: Another Opinion J.V. Frei
De-Institutionaliation A Noble Concept That is Often Abused Stephen Date
Take Two Big Doses of Humanity and Called Me in the Morning David South

Issue #85 May, 1993 Vol. 13, No. 2

Issue #86 June, 1993 Vol. 13, No. 3
Content Title Author
The Doctors' Dilemmas Michael Rachlis
Cruelty to Interns Vera Tarman
PAIRO Condemns NDP Government's "Assault On Freedom to Practice"
NDP's Promises Revisited
News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Fair Shares
Ten Reasons to Oppose NAFTA

Issue #87 October, 1993 Vol. 13, No. 4
Content Title Author
U.S. Health Care Business Chasing Profits into Canada David South
Marketing Health Care to Americans? Paul Huras
Who's Padding the Costs of Health Care? Ernie Lightman
Doctors Get Off Lightly, MRG Says Gord Guyatt
Solving Improper OHIP Buildings Gordon Guyatt, Haresh Kirpalani
Get Active in Health Care Battle, Reform Group Urges Craig Sumi
Looking at Canada's Health Care: It's 'Poised to Self-Destruct' Jerome C. Arnett, Jr.
Canada’s Single-Payer Health Care Scheme A Singular Success Gordon Guyatt, Haresh Kirpalani, Mimi Divinsky
NDP Government Flailed at June Meeting Ulli Diemer
News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Science Sells Out To Low Bid Maude Barlow, David Noble
Timely House Call for Health System Michael Rachlis

Issue #88 November, 1993 Vol. 13, No. 5
Content Title Author
Drug Reform Mistakes Mimi Divinsky
Saving Low-Volume Emergency Departments Fletcher R.D.
Did Doctors Get a Sweet Deal from the Social Construct Rosanna Pellizzari, Gord Guyatt
Not All Doctors Got Off Lightly Bob James
NDP Performance Diverges from Principles Gord Guyatt
What Does Federal Election Mean for Medicare Vera Tarman
Different Vision of Health Care Steve Roedde, Janet McLeod
Steering Committee Update
News Briefs Ulli Diemer
Bitter Harvest in Vietnam

Issue #89 February, 1994 Vol. 14, No. 1
Content Title Author
Primary Care Alternatives Scrutinized Gord Guyatt
Practice Guidelines Discussed Ulli Diemer
Marcel Masse Was Right the First Time Bob Frankford
Bill 50: Tinkering With the Non-System
De-Listing: Flawed Process, Wrong Focus
MRG Critical of Proposed Delisting Rosana Pellizzari and Mimi Divinsky
What Moves a Doctor
Bush Visit Protested
Prescription Drug Reform: Maybe Universality? Bob Frankford
CHCs Defended Dennise Albrecht
CHC Approach Long-Term and Preventative Margot Morgan
HSOs Cost-Efficient and Progressive Fred Freedman
Community Health Centres Not the Enemy Rosana Pelizzari
On Liberals, Tories, and NPD - All Birds of a Feather Haresh Kirpalani
News Briefs Ulli Diemer

Issue #90 April, 1994 Vol. 14, No. 2
Content Title Author
MRG Spring Meeting Goes Multi-National
The Struggle for National Health Insurance in the U.S. Dr. Quentin Young
Julian Tudor Hart Bob Frankford
Canadian Health Coalition Initiates Process to Define Principles for Health Care Reform Stephen Leary
Draft Proposals Only: Principles for Health Care Reform
HSOs and CHCs: Divide and Conquer? Bob James
Budget Consultation with Ontario’s Treasurer Gordon Guyatt
CMA's 'Anti-Doctor Bias' Angers Some Doctors Matt Borsellino
Academic Medicine and Pharmaceutical Industry: A Cautinary Tale Gordon Guyatt
Doctors and Drug Companies in France Jean-Michel Normand
Reform of Canada’s Primary Health Care System John Forster, Walter Rosser, Maggie Grogan
News Briefs Ulli Diemer

Issue #91 July, 1994 Vol. 14, No. 3
Content Title Author
Holdback Formula Penalizes Low Billers, MRG Says
Giving Birth to Propaganda Haresh Kirpalani, Rosana Pelizzari
The Political Use of Patients
Welcome Nurse Practitioners Rosana Pellizzari
Questionable Tactics on Nurse Practioner Use Alba Mitchell
2% Billing Holdback Undemocratic: MDs Suzanne Morrison
Costly Drugs Overprescribed, Study Finds Rod Mickleburgh
A Triangular Concept of the Ethics of Health Care Delivery: Access, Autonomy, and Cost Containment Jason J S Barton
New Challenges for Vietnam Jamie Uhrig
News Briefs Ulli Diemer

Issue #92 September, 1994 Vol. 14, No. 4
Content Title Author
Fall General Meetings Asks: What Does “Medically Necessary” Mean? Ulli Diemer
User Fees Hurt Sick, Poor, MRG Says
Getting to the Core of Comprehensiveness Rosana Pellizzari
How Should We Decide Where Resources Should Go?
More Traffic Means Less Health James Munro
Health Care and Nafta Cindy Wiggins
News Briefs Ulli Diemer
NAFTA and De-Insurance
News Briefs Ulli Diemer

Issue #93 December, 1994 Vol. 14, No. 5
Content Title Author
Support for Nurse Practitioners as Members of Health Care Team
Clawback Magnifies Fee-For-Service Distortions
Can We Define "Medical Necessity"? Do We Want To?
Quicker Care is Better Care Gordon Guyatt, Murray Enkin
Eight Alberta Horror Stories
The Alberta Experiment Kathleen Connors
The MRG and Health Care Reform in the United States Gordon Guyatt
California Dreaming: A Fall Reflection from an American Health Care Reformer Clifford Rosen
Galloping Toward Oligopoly: Giant H.M.O. or Giant H.M.O. 'B'? Steffie Woolhandler, David Himmelstein
Forum on Primary Health Reform
Completely Healthy, Utterly Unattainable? Simon Dyson
Cold Hearts and Coronaries Sonja Hunt
Leave Well-Being Alone David Seedhouse
General Meeting Tackles "Medical Necessity" Ulli Diemer
News Briefs Ulli Diemer

Issue #94 April, 1995 Vol. 15, No. 1
Content Title Author
OMA Suspends Negotiations With the Government: Good Riddance
Ontario Medical Association's "Social Contract Days" Penalize Patients
Sparks Fly Call to Lobby Patients
Family Physicians Group Encourages Unethical Behaviour in Its Members
College of Family Physicians Responds to MRG Media Release L. Cheryl Katz
Doctor-Patient Relationship Shouldn't Be Used for Politicking Mimi Divinsky, Gord Guyatt, Rosana Pellizzari
GPs Urged to Fight Nursing Plan Jane Coutts
Incorporation for Ontario Physicians
Public Health Services are Essential Services
Aberman, Rachlis Face Off Over Ontario Health-Care Funding Pat Rich
Maintain the Principles of Equal Access Regardless of Income
Ensuring a Healthy Canada: Where Should the Money Come From?
Federal Budget Makes Tragic Choices for Canada's Future John Loxley
New Zealand Government Rations Life and Death With Attack on Health Care Felicity Coggan
Warning: This Budget is Dangerous to Your Health
Will the Liberal Government Betray Medicare?
The Eugenics of Health Care in the U.S. Johnny Townshend
Privatization Not the Answer Bob Frankford
Draft Policy on Insured Services
Ten Steps to Better Health in Canada Canadian Health Coalition
When Health Becomes a Weapon Melissa Jameson
Medicare Under the Knife

Issue #95 October, 1995 Vol. 15, No. 2

Issue #96 December, 1995 Vol. 15, No. 3
Content Title Author
Universality: Condition Critical Gordon Guyatt
Semi-Annual General Meeting November 18th
Emmet Hall Dies
Medical Reform Welcomes Letters
Doctors Split on Capitation Alternative
Tax Cuts to Ride on Back of Poor and Sick
A Warning for Mike Harris
Harris' Budget Disaster for Ontario's Health
Omnibus a Prelude to US Style Health Care
Letter Sent to Premier Mike Harris
Letter Send to Calgary Laundry Workers
MDs, Patients Differ on Health Views Jane Coutts
Hospitals Preferred Over Tax Relief: OHA Plans to Show Survey Findings to Tory Government Bent on Restraint Michael Grange
More Patient Education is Urged Robin Harvey
Hamilton May Be Off Limits to New Doctors Suzanne Morrison
Critique of Alberta Medical Association Proposal Fee for Comprehensive Care Michael Rachlis
Ontario HSO Program: A Capitation Island in a Fee-For Service Sea Bob James
Southern Exposure: Managing Patients in a Managed Care Environment Clifford Rosen
Dial a Doctor: Dialing for Dollars Rosana Pellizzari
Jake's Life - A Film by Laura Sky

Issue #97
Issue #98
Issue #99
Issue #100
Issue #101
Issue #102
Issue #103
Issue #104
Issue #105
Issue #106
Issue #107
Issue #108
Issue #109
Issue #110
Issue #111
Issue #112
Issue #113
Issue #114
Issue #115
Issue #116
Issue #117
Issue #118
Issue #119
Issue #120
Issue #121
Issue #122

Issue #123 Fall, 2002 Vol. 22, No. 2
Content Title Author
Apocalypse No, The Myth of Againg and a Health Care Crisis Gordon Guyatt
A Small but Important Difference
Canadian "Medicare Refugee Myth" Debunked in Major US Study Charlotte Gray
Ontario Needs Another Urgent Government Policy Reversal
Premiers Call for New Funding Partnership for Health Care for Canadians
New Study by the Conference Board on Fiscal Imbalance in Canada
Canada's Health Ministers Progress on Health Care Renewal and Healthy Living
Shelter from the Storm
Update on Coalition Building in Saskatoon
Toronto Disaster Relief Committee Needs Your Support
Campbell Cuts Threaten Quality of Care in British Columbia
Yuppie Scans Would Allow Queue-Jumping
Yuppie Scan Open Door to Us For-Profit Care
Tough Issues for Romanow Commission
Consumer Choice
Your Money and/or Your Life
Developing Healthy Prescribing Habits in Young Doctors
Mary Robinson: A Woman of Courage
Canada Strengthens Its Response to the Rich-Poor Gap in Global Health Research Vic Neufeld

Issue #124 Winter, 2003 Vol. 22, No. 3
Content Title Author
Investor Owned Private For Profit Health Care Facilities Are To Die For PJ Devereaux
Kirby Wrong to Dismiss Our Findings Philip Devereaux and Gordon Guyatt
Kirby Report: Three (or more) Steps Forward, One Step Back
Trade Deals Spell Danger for Canadian Health Care
The Romanow Report's Funding Plans Gordon Guyatt
The Romanow Commission: Cautious Steps in the Right Direction Michael Rachlis
Romanow on Primary Care: The Same Ol'? Ted Haines
Was Homecare A Hit or A Miss for Romanow?
The Pharmacare Promise
Romanow Gets An A
2002 Fall Members Meeting
Message to Manley: The Cupboard Isn't Bare Armine Yalnizyan
Beyond Ronamow: Why $3.5 Billion is Not Enough
Accountability: Why Strings Need to be Attached to Health Care Dollars
Auditor's Report Wake-Up Call for Lax Liberals
Tories Ignore Local Input on Primary Care Reform
Harper or Romanow, Who's on the Real Dinosaur?
Public Health Care is the Choice of Big Business
Lots of Reasons to Think Twice About Cancer Screening
New May Not Be Better When It Comes to Drugs
Drug Firms' Power a Challenge for Canadian Pharmacare
The Doha Declaration and Access to Drugs

Issue #125 Spring, 2003 Vol. 22, No. 4
Content Title Author
Next Steps on Romanow Rosana Pellizzari
PJ's Very Excellent Adventure Janet Maher
Critique of the NDP Health Platform Gordon Guyatt
The Liberals: Style or Substance Ted Haines
Let Ontarians Do the Math Janet Maher
Americans Study Canada: The AMSA Comparative Health Policy Tour Gary Bioch
Canada's Drug Regulators - Working For You or for the Industry?
Want to Run a For-Profit MRI: Donate to Provincial Tories
Federal Government Showing the Right Stuff
Principles and Policy Statements of the Medical Reform Group
Why Leave the MRG? And Why Re-Join the MRG? Haresh Kirpalani
Tories Target Hospital Audits, Ignore Their Own

Issue #126 Summer, 2003 Vol. 23, No. 1
Content Title Author
Moving Forward On Public Health in Canada: Spring Members Meeting
More Spendings Doesn't Always Mean Better Health Care
Is Medicalization a Threat to Health?
How to Keep a Healthy State of Mind
Getting High Quality Information on What's Going on in Iraq
The Costs of Medical School: Are Rising Tuition Fees Going to Affect Health Care Delivery? Irfan Dhalia, Jeff Kwong and Ian Johnson
A Medical Career: Soon to be: "The Inaccessible Dream"
An Open Letter to First Ministers of Health
Solution to Federal-Provincial Bickering Over Health

Issue #127 Fall, 2003 Vol. 23, No. 2
Content Title Author
Can an Ontario Election Be Good for Our Health? Rosana Pellizzari
McLellan Public Health Announcement Rosana Pellizzari
Canada Health Act on Trial Steven Shrybman
Do Not Be Deterred by the Resistance of the Provinces
Politicians Benefit Personally from Supporting Investor-Owned For-Profit Care
Evidence-Based Medicine is Changing Medical Practice
Bad News for Ontarians: Boutique Medicine Arrives in Toronto
Letters of Inquiry to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
Ontario's Private For-Profit MRI and CT Scanners: Saviour or Scourge? Bradley MacIntosh and Ted Haines
Explaining Mysterious Government Policy
Brampton's P3 Hospital: What the Candidates Have to Say Bradley MacIntosh
Medical Necessity and Yuppie Scans
Poaching by Private, For-Profit MRI Clinics Threatens Hospital Care
New Research and Campaign News from Physicians for a National Health Program
Equity VS. Equality: MRG Principles Go Under the Knife Gary Bloch

Issue #128 Winter, 2004 Vol. 23, No. 3
Content Title Author
Romanow Report Remains Unfulfilled Promise Gordon Guyatt
MRG Prescription Drugs Brief: A Summary Bradley MacIntosh
Brief to House of Commons Standing Committee on Health: Executive Summary Joel Lexchin
Boutique Medicine Irfan Dhalia
Holding the New Ontario Government Accountable for Its Promises
Keeping the Promise
P3S Are Not the Only For Profit Health Care Services We Need to Guard Against
Funding Hospital Infrastructure: Why P3S Don't Work, and What Will Summary
Profits from Pain: A Story of Health Care in the U.S. - Fall Members Meeting
Toronto Student Chapter Launches
National Health Council: The On-Going Saga
Canada Health Council Plan a Disaster, Must Change
Second Letter to Health Minister McLellan on Health Council September 29, 2003
Citizen Engagement Janet Maher
Will the Health Care Watchdog Have Teeth
Advocating National Health Council to the Provinces
Street Nurse Cathy Crowe Honoured in Amsterdam

Issue #129 Spring, 2004 Vol. 23, No. 4
Issue #130 Summer, 2004 Vol. 24, No. 1
Issue #131 Fall, 2004 Vol. 24, No. 2
Issue #132 Winter, 2005 Vol. 24, No. 3

Issue #133 Spring, 2005 Vol. 25, No. 1
Content Title Author
What Can We Learn From The Primary Care Reform Process in Latin America?
Getting Beyond the Spin: Federal Budget 2005 and What It Means for Addressing the Growing Gap Between Rich and Poor Janet Maher
Block Fees and Bill 8
Canada Health Council Report: Governments, Please Listen, and Respond
Ontario Liberals Shortchanging Health Care
For-Profit Nursing Homes Short-Change Patients
Narrow Self-Interest Driving Doctors to Question OMA Deal
What are Ihins and What Will They Mean to Toronto Health Organizations
Money Well Spent Gordon Guyatt
Prescription for Excellence: Some Ideas Whose Time Has Come Gordon Guyatt
Seeking Accountability on Canada Health Act Violations
Canada Global Health Initiative: Where are the Women? Cathy Nangini
Reproductive Health Working Group to Meet
Camping in Nathan Phillips Square

Issue #134 Summer, 2005 Vol. 25, No. 2
Content Title Author
Personal Attack, Political Weapon Gordon Guyatt
Boutique Medicine, Block Fees and Other Strategies to Implement Two Tier Medicine by Stealth: Update on the Ontario Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act Janet Maher, Brad MacIntosh
Home Free? Home-Bound? Or Homeless? Putting Home Care Back on the National Agenda John Maher
Ontario Health Coalition Calls for Vigilance on Caplan
Supreme Court Throws a Curve on Chaoulli
Canadian Health Coalition Action Alert on Chaoulli Decision
Chaoulli Decision Protects Only Those Who Can Pay
Student MRG Health Initiative: Where is Canada? Cathy Nangini and Brad MacIntosh
Working Group on Reproductive and Sexual Health Janet Maher
The Plan B Fiasco: How Canada Has Made Emergency Cantraception Harder to Get Rosana Pellizzari

Issue #135 Fall, 2005 Vol. 25, No. 2
Content Title Author
MDs' Group Should Stand Firmly By Medicare: Canada's Doctors Have Chance To Let Us Know If They Stand For Equal Treatment For All Irfan Dhalia
The Canadian Medical Association and Private Care
A Friendly Debate on the Chaoulli Decision
Klein Way the Wrong Way, Doctors Say
Ideology Trumps Evidence
CMA President Betrays Canadians
A Cautinary Tale: Britain's Experience with Private Health Care
Which Doctors Want Private Health Care?
Hamilton Health Coalition Plans for Plebiscite on For-Profit Health Care
Dr. Mimi Divinsky Awarded the Norman Bethune Medal (1st Class)!
Heroes in the Special Diet Campaign Janet Maher
Making Advocates of Physicians
Some Resources for the Raise the Rates Campaign Janet Maher
Medical Reform Group Joins the Hunger Campaign
The City Replies to the First Letter
Another Letter to the City of Toronto
Toronto Health Care Provides Enumerate Front Line Concerns With City Rule Changes
City of Toronto Councillor Mihevc Responds to Renewed Queries: Same Answers for Different Questions
The Experience of a Lifetime
MRG Joins Canadian Women's Health Network To Improve Access to Emergency Contraception: Update on Plan B Rosana Pellizzari

Issue #136

Issue #137 Spring - Summer, 2006 Vol. 25, No. 4; Vol. 26, No. 1
Content Title Author
Ontario Budget 2006 - No Relief for the Poorest Despite Improved Revenue Picture Janet Maher
Advocates Want Province to Address the Social Deficit Too
The CMA Supports Public Health Care System - Or Does It? Norman Kalant
Canadian Doctors for Medicare Karen Troliope Kumar
Student Petition Attracts 1,000 Signers Janet Maher
Say It Again - No to P3S
Medical Writers Threaten Boycott of CMA Editors' Dismissals Explained
MRG vs. Big Pharma. Ontario's Bill 102 Janet Maher
Neglected Disease Research and Development
Emergency Contraception Update
National Pharmacare Strategy Janet Maher
Ontario's Local Health Integration Networks - Rearranging the Desk Chairs? Karen Troliope Kumar
Money and Medicine: In For-Profit Health Care, Investors Have No Contact With Parents, Profits Leave the Facility and the Incidence of Physician Fraud is Starting Gordon Guyatt
Medical Reform Group Challenges New Health Minister
Mr. Harper, We Will Forgive You If You Drop Your Guaranteed Wait Time Promise
MRG Provides Input on Federal Budget
Health Providers Against Poverty Janet Maher
McGuinty Government Forced to Correct Disability Privacy Breach
Poverty - An Issue for the OMA? Mimi Divinsky
Queen's Park Ignoring Looming Health Crisis
Special Diet Allowance Action Kit: Fighting Poverty to Improve Health
Poverty Leads to a General Increased Risk of Developing Health Problems
A Path Wisely Avoided: For-Profit Boutique Clinics and the Road to the Destruction of Medicare Natalie Mehra
Valuing Health Protection
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

Issue #138 Fall, 2006 Vol. 26, No. 2
Content Title Author
CMA Moves Toward Private Health Care At Annual Meeting Irfan Dhalia
BC Medical Association Lines Up Behind Two-Tier Advocate - A Discredit to the Profession
Message to the CMA: Choose Public Interest, Not Self-Interest Gordon Guyatt
A Doctor is 'Saddened' by the Choices of his Profession
Medical Students Across Canada Speak Out Against Two-Tier Medicine Larissa Liontos
Medical Students Urge CMA to Support Medicare
The Struggle Continues... An Update from Health Providers Against Poverty Gary Bloch
Ontario Raise the Rates Lobby
High Costs and Hard Choices
Bill 102 - Big Pharma Wins Again Morman Kalant
Court Challenge of Direct to Consumer Drug Advertising Steven Barrett
National Pharmacare Strategy a Hard Sell with Premiers
A Status Report From the Premiers' Meeting from BC Government
Plus Ca Change - Reflection on 1986

Issue #139 Winter, 2007 Vol. 26, No. 3
Content Title Author
Canwest Set to Challenge Ban on DTCA Alicia Priest
Some Considerations for Today's Progressive Physicians Haresh Kirpalani
Ontario's Finances in Better Shape than Liberals Let On, Says Ontario Alternative Budget
Ontario Must Treat Health Centre Staff Fairly Miriam Garfinkle and Sharon Gazeley
Ontario Health Coalition Releases Analysis of Bill 140 - Ontario Long Term Care Act
Ontario Health Coalition Key Issues - November 25, 2006
Medical Reform Group Lauds Alberta Health Care Turnaround
Medical Reform Group Congratulates Harper on Dropping Wait Times Guarantee
Two-Tier Health Clinic Opening in Kingston Today Contravenes Law: Ontario Health Coalition Calls On Ministry to Take Action
Ontario Health Coalition Honours Devereaux
Engaging the Canadian Medical Association on the Public-Private Interface

Issue #140 Spring, 2007 Vol. 26, No. 4
Content Title Author
Friend, Activist, Advocate, Mentor: Dr. Miriam (Mimi) Divinsky 1953 - 2007 Mimi Divinsky
Drug Benefit Changes Have Consequences for Low-Income Patients Mimi Divinsky
Take a Stand Against Delisting Mimi Divinsky
Drug Reform Mistakes Mimi Divinsky
Users Fees Lead to Two-Tiered Health Care Mimi Divinsky
MRG Critical of Propoosed Delisting Mimi Divinsky
Not Just Tourists Toronto
Activists Lobby Toronto Board of Health Mimi Divinsky
Memories of Mimi Divinsky
Brian Day's Activities "Shameful" Says Medical Reform Group
Health Care and the New Federal Budget
Ontario Budget 2007 - The McGuinty Poverty Budget Disappoints the Poor Most of All
Health Providers Call on Premier and Finance Minister to Ensure Provincial Budget Recognizes Links Between Poverty, Food Security and Health
Keeping an Eye on City Hall
Commentary: Science Scandal or Ethics Scandal? Olivieri Redux Arthur Schafer
Submission to the Standing Committee on Government Agencies Re: The Health Professions Appeal and Review Board Carol Kushner

Issue #141 Summer, 2007 Vol. 27, No. 1
Content Title Author
What Will Bring Sanity to the Debate on Drug Costs?
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
Emergency Contraceptive Pill Plan B Now Available Without a Prescription in BC
Update on Women and Health Protection Emergency Contraception File Janet Maher
Spring Members Meeting Janet Maher
Health Providers Against Poverty Janet Maher
Monitoring Toronto's Response to the Special Diet Campaign
Alliances with Other Groups Norman Kalant
Health Canada Cost Recovery Initiative Janet Maher
Open Medicine Off to a Great Start: Canadian Health Care Far Better Deal Than U.S.
MRG to Harper: Push Back to Quebec
Charter Challenge Against Single-Tier Health Care in Ontario
Tory Health Platform A Recipe for Privatization: Ontario Health Coalition Bracing for Confrontation in Ontario Election
Ontario's Income Gap at All-Time High
Safer - Improving Women's Health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Issue #142 Fall, 2007 Vol. 27, No. 2
Content Title Author
Self-Interest Over Public Interest Gordon Guyatt
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
Canadian Medical Association Chooses Narrow Self-Interest Over Public Interest
Lessons from the Special Diet Campaign Gary Bloch
Strengthening the Mandate of Ontario Public Health Units Rosana Pellizzari
Safer Visit
Pushing the Boundaries of Direct to Consumer Advertising
Claude Castonguay: On the Road to Damascus or Road to the Bank? Norman Kalant
Pharmacare: Equity, Efficiency and Effectiveness, We've Waited Long Enough Joel Lexchin
Completing the Vision: Achieving the Second Stage of Medicare Michael Rachlis
Safer Visit to Democratic Republic of the Congo Brad McIntosh

Issue #143 Winter, 2008 Vol. 27, No. 3
Content Title Author
Time to Add Dental Care to the Basket of Health Care Services Hazel Stewart
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
A Poverty Elimination Strategy for Ontario
Pharmacist Prescribing: What's Below the Water Line? Wendy Armstrong and Verna Milligan

Issue #144 Spring, 2008 Vol. 27, No. 4
Content Title Author
Operationalizing Health Equity: How Ontario's Health Services Can Contribute to Reducing Health Disparities Michael Rachlis
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
Reviewing the Doctor-Patient Relationship
Tougher Regulation Needed for Drug Industry
Student Chapter at University of Western Ontario
Student Cry Foul on Doctor Shortage
Medical Reform Group Decries Exclusion of Non-For-Profit Providers from Home Care Building
Medical Reform Group: CMA Using An Axe Instead of a Scalpel
Castonguay Report: Ideology, Self-Interest Trumps Evidence, Public Good
P3 (Public-Private Partnerships) Hospitals: What Can We Learn from Others Norman Kalant
Medical Reform Group Bylaw Proposed by-law Amendments
Another Charter Challenge?
News on Emergency Contraception

Issue #145 Fall, 2008 Vol. 28, No. 1 - 2
Content Title Author
Achieving Equity in Health Ahmed Bayoumi
Working with Ontario's Cabinet Committee on Poverty Reduction Janet Maher
Consulting with Ontarians on Poverty Reduction
Ontario Government Consultations on a Poverty Reduction Strategy Gary Bloch
Building On Ontario's Strength: Submission to the Cabinet Committee on Poverty Reaction
Unhealthy Approach to Hospitals
Ontario Health Coalition Commissions a Panel on Home Care
Constitutional Amendments
MRG Joins Advocacy on Bill C-484, Private Member's Bill on Unborn Victims of Crime
Morgentaler Appointed to Order of Canada
Tougher Regulation Needed for Drug Industry
Bill C-51 Keeps Consumers in the Dark
MRG Suggestions for Improving Federal Bill C-51 Amendments to the Federal Food and Drug Act
A Health Care Lesson for Canada Irfan Dhalia
MRG Responds to BC Government Threat to Abolish Therapeutics Initiative
Where is the International Response to Depravity and Sexual Violence in Dr. Congo? Brad MacIntosh

Issue #146 Winter, 2009 Vol. 28, No. 3
Content Title Author
MRG Steering Committee Endorses Jeff Turnbull for CMA President
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
Doctors' Group to Government: No Health Care Cuts
Eroding Public Medicare Natalie Mehra
Acknowledging the New Minister of Health and New Liberal Leader
Lobby Letter on Federal Budget
Recession Relief Fund
Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy Janet Maher
Equity for Newcomers to Ontario
P3 Disaster Demands Change, Doctors Say
Home Care: Change We need
Couillard Ethics Big Problem: MDs
Fall Meeting Report

Issue #147 Spring, 2009 Vol. 28, No. 4
Content Title Author
It's Time to Act - Students for Medicare Organize to Fill Gaps in their Education Janet Maher, Malika Sharma
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
Provincial Budget Janet Maher
Bill 152 and the Ontario Government Commitment to a Transparent Poverty Reduction Process Janet Maher
Member Profile: Rosana Pellizzari, Community Medicine Specialist Janet Maher
Update on Special Diet Janet Maher
MRG Calls on the Premier to Honour Spirit of His Poverty Reduction Targets
Federal Budget 2009 Janet Maher
Europe Yes, Privatization No, Say Doctors
Catastrophic Drug Coverage is Not Enough Janet Maher
Ontario Government Relents a Little on OHIP for Immigrants and Refugees Janet Maher

Issue #148 Summer - Fall, 2009 Vol. 29, No. 1 - 2
Content Title Author
A Canadian Physician's Perspective on the U.S. Health Care Debate Ritka Goel
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
A Canadian Doctor Diagnoses U.S. Healthcare Michael Rachlis
Healthy Citizens Start with Healthy Doctors
Reimbursement For Primary Care Physicians: Is Capitation the Answer? Rachelle Sender
Concerns on Bill 179
Some Lessons from the UK
Incoming CMA President's Apocalyptic Rhetoric Unfortunate, Misleading, Says Doctors
Doctors Welcome CMS Leadership Change
A Mid-term Assessment of the McGuinty Government On Health Janet Maher
Health Insurance a Human Right? Janet Maher
Fair Pay and Reduced Delay Janet Maher
Recession Sidelines Polices to Dress Women's Poverty: Study

Issue #149 Winter, 2010 Vol. 29, No. 3
Content Title Author
Health Reform Canada and US: What Does the Evidence Tell Us? Gordon Guyatt
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
Jeff Turnbull, Marginalized Populations in Canada and the CMA Blueprint for Health Care Transformation Ritika Goel
More Evidence Health Care Equity and Efficiency Go Hand in Hand
Nurse Practitioner-Physician Collaboration: A Solution to Achieving High Quality Accessible Primary Health Care in Canada Alba DiCenso
Conflict of Interest at the CIHR Governing Council
Dr. Bennett Responds to Pressure on the Commons Health Committee
MRG Calls for Withdrawl of Prigent Appointment

Issue #150 Spring, 2010 Vol. 30, No. 1
Content Title Author
Ontario's Big Pharma Drug War
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
Three Steps to Make Pharmacare a Reality for All Irfan Dhalia
Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award for Olivieri Gordon Guyatt
Maintaining Pressure for Equity for Parents at the OMA
Letter for Premier McGuinty
Ontario Budget 2010 Janet Maher
Building a Culture of Patient-Centered Care
Myth: Most Physicians Prefer Free-For Service Payments
Reality Check on Health-Care Costs Michael Rachlis
NHS Has Seen Little Benefit from Market Reforms Says Think Tank Zosia Kmietowicz
15 by 15: Early Human Investment in BC

Issue #151 Fall, 2010 Vol. 30, No. 2
Content Title Author
Paying for Health Care in Canada
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
Expanded Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners
How to Heal Health Delivery Michael Rachlis
Canada Playing in Wrong Health League Michael Rachlis
Accountability on the Social Assistance Review
Where Are We on Poverty Reduction?
Canadian Health Coalition Campaigns
Ontario Hospital Association Model By-Laws Will Muzzle Critical Doctors Says Medical Reform Group
Letter to OHA on New Prototype Hospital By-Laws
A Quick Way to Ease Poverty
Students Seek to Better Education on Health Care Issues Ritka Goel

Issue #152 Winter, 2011 Vol. 30, No. 3
Content Title Author
Organizing for Medicare Janet Maher and Ritika Goel
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
National Pharmacare Strategy Janet Maher
Psychiatry and Anti-Poverty Work
Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy Update Janet Maher
Health Care Experts Propose New Ways to Publicly Fund Health Care
What Can Be Better in Canada's Health Care System
For All Our Sakes, BC Must Reverse Course On Drug Review Policy
Private Home Care Demand On The Rise
2010 Ontario Auditor General Focuses On Health Care Gaps Janet Maher

Issue #153 Spring, 2011 Vol. 30, No. 4
Content Title Author
Alternative Federal Budget 2011: Rethink, Rebuild, Renew
Editorial Notes John Maher
Federal Budget: The Government's Plan
Other Election Resources: The Economic Case for Universal Pharmacare
Ontario Budget Janet Maher
Put Health Care on the Ballot
Liberal Party Platform Highlights
NDP Platform Highlights
Green Party Platform Highlights
First Ministers' Health Care Agreement

Issue #154 Summer, 2011 Vol. 31, No. 1
Content Title Author
Content Without Context: Education of Canadian Health Professionals Lacks Teaching on Canada's Health Care System
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
Student For Medicare Hosts CMA Student Townhall
Spring Members' Meeting: Armine Yalnizyan on Federal Funding Issues Janet Maher
False Positive: Private Profit in Canada's Medical Laboratories
Poverty, Health and Social Assistance: Submission to the Commission for the Review of Social Assistance in Ontario
User Fees and Extra Billing Janet Maher

Issue #155 Fall, 2011 Vol. 31, No. 2
Content Title Author
Primary Care Reform: Where We Are Now and Where We Need to Go
Editorial Notes Janet Maher
Closing Libraries Bad for Your Health Says Doctors' Group
Pre-Election Survey on Health Care Issues
The Double Standard: Why Canada Continues to Export Asbestos
The Truth About Medical Savings Accounts
Public-Private Partnerships in Ontario: A Disastrous Way to Develop Hospitals Jilian Alston
Health for All Michaela Beder

Issue #156
Issue #157
Issue #158
Issue #159
Issue #160
Issue #161
Issue #162
Issue #163
Issue #164
Issue #165

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