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Clicking on the title of an item takes you to the bibliographic reference for the resource, which will typically also contain an abstract, a link to the full text if it is available online, and links to related topics in the subject index. Particularly recommended items have a red Connexions logo beside the title.


    1. L'abbandono dell'interesse pubblico
      Resource Type: Article
      First Published: 2000


    1. Il contributo al marxismo di Rosa Luxemburg
      Resource Type: Article
      First Published: 2000
      Vedo Rosa Luxemburg come la marxista che fece il massimo per progredire le teorie rivoluzionarie di Karl Marx nel periodo successivo alla morte di Marx ed Engels.


    1. ¿Desinvertir?
      Resource Type: Article
      First Published: 2002


    1. Inclusione o Esclusione?
      Resource Type: Article
      First Published: 2008
    2. Israel's Worldwide Role in Repression
      Resource Type: Article
      First Published: 2012
      Researched, written, and edited by members of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, this pamphlet focuses on the role of Israel’s government, its military, and related corporations and organizations in a global industry of violence and repression. The states most involved with this industry profit from perpetual war and occupation across the globe while maintaining vastly unequal societies of their own.


    1. LabourStart
      Resource Type: Website
      A major site with information about labour activities throughout the world.


    1. Moffatt, Gary (Italian text)

      Resource Type: Article
      First Published: 2010
      Gary Archibald Moffat era un attivista Canadese specializzato nella costruzione di movimenti radicali ai fini di cambiamenti sociali e politici.


    1. Perché tante storie per l'omicidio di una ragazza musulmana dalla pelle scura?
      Resource Type: Article
      First Published: 2008


    1. la red del Che : the Che network
      Resource Type: Website
      Website devoted to the life and work of Che Guevara.
    2. Red Vienna
      Wikipedia article

      Resource Type: Article
      Red Vienna (German: Rotes Wien) was the colloquial name for the capital of Austria between 1918 and 1934, when the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Austria (SDAP) maintained almost unilateral political control over Vienna and, for a short time, Austria as a whole. During this time, the SDAP pursued a rigorous program of construction projects across the city in response to serious housing shortages and implemented policies to improve standards of public education, healthcare and sanitation.


    1. Salute e bambini in crisi a Gaza
      I bambini di Gaza sono in crisi

      Resource Type: Article
      First Published: 2007
    2. Servizi di condivisione dell'informazione Connexions

      Resource Type: Article
      First Published: 2008
      Connexions (nome intero Servizi di condivisione dell'informazione Connexion [Connexions Information Sharing Services]) è la biblioteca centrale online e l'archivio dei movimenti per i cambiamenti sociali del Canada.
    3. Sources (portale per giornalisti e scrittori)
      Resource Type: Article
      Sources e’ un portale informativo per giornalisti, scrittori, editori, autori e ricercatori che si concentra soprattutto sulle risorse umane: esperti e portavoce, pronti a rispondere alle domande dei giornalisti o a rendersi disponibili a delle interviste in diretta.


    1. Un Voto a favore della Democrazia
      Resource Type: Article
      First Published: 1986

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