Theory & Practice
A polemic against Comrade Kautsky's theory of the Mass Strike

Luxemburg, Rosa
Year Published:  1910
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX7972

Rosa Luxemburg confronts Karl Kautsky on the crucial questions of the General Mass Strike and on the relationship of spontaneity to organization, as well as on the unity of theory and practice. This crucial 1910 debate in German Social Democracy led to Luxemburg's revolutionary break with Karl Kautsky and foreshadowed the collapse of the Second International at the outbreak of World War I.


Table of Contents:
Part 1 [Kautsky’s poor handling of Mass Strike article]
Part 2 [Kautsky disdains Russian revolutionary potential]
Part 3 [Kautsky: the mass strike is incompatible with Germany]
Part 4 [Russian development created the mass strike]
Part 5 [Kautsky’s theory: mass strike is a one-time event]
Part 6 [Prussia: the mass strike arises from the masses]
Postscript: An Attrition or Collision

Subject Headings

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