The Other Israel
The Radical Case Against Zionism

Bober, Ari (ed.)
Year Published:  1972
Pages:  121pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7768

A collective effort by a small group of Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel to penetrate the dense net of illusion and myth that dominates the thinking and feeling of most Israelis and, at the same time, determines the prevailing image of Israel in the Western world. According to the Zionist fairy tale, the state of Israel is an outpost of democracy, social justice, and enlightenment, and a homeland and haven for the persecuted Jews of the world. The reality, as this book demonstrates, is utterly different.


Table of Contents

Preface & Acknowledgements


I. Israel in a Historical Perspective
1. The Palestine Problem
2. Israel and Imperialism
3. Military Escalation Within Israeli Society
4. From Generation to Generation - The Origins of the 1967 War

II. The Nature of Israel
5. The Class Character of Israeli Society
6. The Left in Israel
7. The Histadrut: Union and Boss
8. The Emergency Regulations

III. A Critique of Zionist Ideology
9. Borochovism
10. Zionism and Universal Ethics
11. Zionism and Anti-Semitism
12. The Case for Hebrew Self-Determination
13. The Zionist Left and the Palestinian Resistance

IV. Conclusion

Subject Headings

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