Unorthodox Marxism

Albert, Michael; Hahnel, Robin
Publisher:  South End Press, USA
Year Published:  1978  
Pages:  379pp   ISBN:  0-89608-004-8
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7707

An attempt to go beyond what the authors describe as "orthodox Marxism."


Table of Contents


Part One: Laying the Orthodoxy to Rest
1. Orthodox Marxism
i) The Dialectical Method
ii) The Materialist Outlook
iii) The Method of Historical Abstraction
iv) Historical Materialism
v) The Labor Theory of Value
vi) The Transformation Problem
vii) Accumulation
viii) Theory, Socialism and Revolution
ix) The Strengths of Orthodox Marxist Theory
x) Footnotes
2. The Orthodoxy's Declining Rate of Relevance
i) Orthodox Dialectics
ii) The Materialist Outlook
iii) Historical Materialism
iv) Orthodox Marxist Economic Theory
v) Value as More Than Metaphysic
vi) A Technical View of Capitalist Crisis
vii) What is Economics?
viii) Dialogue
ix) Footnotes

Part Two: A Theory of Praxis: History and Economics
3. A Social Theory of Praxis
i) Methodology
ii) Human Beings
iii) Society
iv) Core Characteristics
v) Social change, Revolution, and History
vi) Core Characteristics in History
vii) Dialogue: Two Marxisms or One?
viii) Footnotes
4. A Political Economy of Praxis
i) Economism in Economic Theory
ii) The Qualitative Model
iii) Use-Value
iv) Commodity Consumption and Markets
v) Human Labor
vi) Theory of the Capitalist Firm
vii) Qualitative Reproduction: Conclusion
viii) Quantitative Reproduction
ix) Dialogue: Value Theory's Value
x) Dialogue: Too Much Economics
xi) Footnotes

Part Three: Race - Sex - Class - Authority: Totality and Hegemony in the United States
5. United States: The Human Centre
i) Summary Overview
ii) Core Characteristics in the United States
iii) The Core Characteristics in Society's Centre
iv) Class Consciousness
v) The Impact of a New Class
vi) Dialogue: Is All This Really Necessary?
vii) Footnotes

Part Four: Goal and Strategy: A Revolutionary Councilist View
7. Political Economy of Socialism
i) Socialism's Defining Contours
ii) Socialist Economy
iii) Social Feasibility
iv) Politics and the State
v) Culture and Everyday Life
vi) Dialogue: A Round Table Debate
vii) Footnotes
8. The Art of Socialist Revolution
i) The General Issues
ii) Revolution: Art or Science
iii) Totality: Focus, Consciousness, and Organization
iv) Organization and Revolution
v) Revolutionary Process
vi) The Roots and Role of Ideology
vii) Dialogue: No Place for Cynicism
viii) Footnotes
9. Appendices
i) Solution to the Transformation Problem
ii) The Problem with the Transformation Problem
iii) The Wage - Price Vector
iv) Use-Value: A Function of Exchange-Value


Subject Headings

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