Another world is possible if...

George, Susan
Publisher:  Verso, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  2004
Pages:  268pp   Price:  $24.00   ISBN:  1-84467-510-6
Library of Congress Number:  HN18.3.G46 2004   Dewey:  303.4--dc22
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7303

Susan George suggests that we can create a new and better world -- if we act together to bring about changes. She discusses the ifs and hows.

George qualifies the possibility of another world that embraces social change and global justice with "cautionary if" and then suggests practical considerations and actions on how to reach this ideal world. This beginner's guide to the "global justice movement" responds to the difficulty of the concerned activist, sceptic or average citizen in maintaining knowledge of international events due to the impacts of globalisation. Consequently, people are unable to participate in politics for change. The book also responds to the dissatisfaction of the public with traditional representative democracy. By providing some knowledge, connections and accounts of her personal experiences, George claims that international space can be democratised.

The book is divided into two parts. Part 1 entitled "Another World is Possible If..." is followed by a short subsection called "What Other World: Visions of the Possible." This first section outlines the importance of understanding important terms and concepts relating to globalization, colllaborating environmental and economic goals, recognising the major actors of globalisation, identifying the real opponents and suggesting Europe as a world leader to overcome the biggest adversary of global justice: America.

Part 2, "Another World is Within Reach If..." outlines the importance of combining numbers, organization and alliances with "knowledge in itself", inspiring educators, the rejection of illusions and the practice of non-violence in order to achieve change. The concluding section, similar to "What Other World," outlines that although change is possible it will require hard work, time, high spirits and a firm belief in this other world. George closes with an edited version of her Porte Alegre speech originally presented at a session on transnational corporations and financial markets, which draws on many of the suggestions made throughout the book.

[Abstract by Amanpreet Dhami]

Table of Contents



Part One: Another World is Possible If…
We Know What We're Talking About
We Salvage the Planet
We Identify the Actors
We Target The Right Adversaries
Europe Wins the War Within the West

Part Two: Another World is Within Reach If…
We Include Everyone and Forge Alliances
We Combine Knowledge and Politics
Educators Educate
We Abandon Cherished Illusions
We Practice Non-Violence

Conclusion and Speech in Porto Alegre 2003

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