The Other Israel
Voices of Refusal and Dissent

Carey, Roane; Shainin, Jonathan (ed.)
Publisher:  New Press, New York, USA
Year Published:  2002
Pages:  208pp   ISBN:  1-56584-789-X
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7152

A compilation of essays written by Israelis who oppose Israel's occupation of Palestine.

The Other Israel is a compilation of essays written by Israelis who vehemently object to Israel's occupation of Palestine. It provides an Israeli perspective through the eyes of activists, academics, journalists and soldiers. These voices challenge the notion that to oppose Israel's occupation, one is necessarily unpatriotic or anti-Semitic. Instead, one can dissent because of a love of one's country and a yearning for justice.

The collection covers the conflict with 37 articles divided in 5 parts. First, the 'Setting' provides context by examining the reasons why past peace processes failed, especially of Oslo and the actual limits of Ehud Barak's "generous offer." Second, 'Dissen't takes a critical look at Israel's political leadership and media, as well as attempts at activism. Third, 'Refusal' explores the moral necessity of refusing to serve the Israeli Defense Forces that perpetuate the military occupation. Fourth, 'Escalation' describes the tragic life of civilians living with checkpoints, curfews and home demolitions. Last, 'Resolution' ends the collection with a sober but hopeful look at the future.

Nevertheless, because all articles were written in 2002, some information might be dated. For example, though the collection repeatedly discusses the situation in relation to Yasser Arafat and Ariel Sharon, both are no longer leaders of their respective countries. Still, the collection provides an insightful cross-section of opinions at the time.

In short, The Other Israel provides a passionate, and sometimes very personal, account of the Israel-Palestine conflict. It shows a conflict not simply between Israelis and Palestinians, but a more nuanced view. Most of all, it calls for the need of reconciliation and a peaceful resolution.

[Reviewed by Jared Ong]

Table of Contents

Editors' Note
Introduction, Anthony Lewis

Part One: The Setting
The Six-Day War's Seventh Day, Michael Ben-Yair
The Second Half Of 1948, Tanya Reinhart
The Key to Peace: Dismantling The Matrix of Control , Jeff Halper
Politicus Interruptus, Yri Avnery
A Betrayal of History, Avi Shlaim
A Time of Occupation, Adi Ophir
The Champion of Violent Solutions, Avi Shlaim

Part Two: Dissent
J'accuse, Baruch Kimmerling
Tell The Truth, Shimon, Gideon Levy
You Can Continue With the Liquidations, Shulamit Aloni
A Journey To Beit Jala, Yigal Bronner
An Israelli In Palestine, Jeff Halper
The Enemy Within, Neve Gordon
The War Looks Different Abroad, Aviv Lavie
Break The Mirror Now, IIan Pappe
After Jenin, Yitzhak Laor

Part Three: Refusal
Saying no to Israel's Occupation, Ishai Menuchin
Red Line, Green Line, Black Flag, Yigal Shochat
An Open Letter To Colonel Aviv Kohavi, Brigade
Commander of the Israeli Paratroopers, Neve Gordon
An Open Letter To Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, Minister Of Defense, Sergio Yahni
Why? Assaf Oron
Ruling Over a Hostile Population, Shamai Leibowitz

Part Four: Escalation: Dispatches From the War of Occupation
The Hidden Weapons Factories, Amira Hass
The checkpoints of Arrogance, Meron Benvenisti
Balata Has Fallen, Ze'ev Sternhell
Are the Occupied Protecting The Occupier? Amira Hass
A Queue Of Bombers, Uri Avnery
On the Eve of the War, Gideon Levy
In Ramallah We Founded Palestine, Ze'ev Sternhell
The People's War, Gideon Levy
Letter from Arafat's Compound, Neta Golan And Ian Urbina
After the Outrage and Tears, Gila Svirsky
What Kind of War is This: Amira Hass

Part Five: Resolution?
Hail, Caesar! David Grossman
Interview With Ami Ayalon, Sylvain Cypel
A Black Flag Hangs Over The Idea of Transfer, Tom Segev
The Turning Point, Meron Benvenisti

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