Pain on Their Faces
Testimonies on the Paper Mill Strike, Jay, Manie, 1987-1988

Jay-Livermore Falls Working Class History Project
Publisher:  Apex Press, New York NY 10017, USA
Year Published:  1998
Pages:  132pp   Price:  $11.95   ISBN:  0-945257-96-1
Library of Congress Number:  HD5325.P332 1987P35   Dewey:  331.892'876'0974172-dc21
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6666

An accourt of an epic struggle by workers and their community against a powerful and aggressive corporation -- a strike by 1,250 workers against the International Paper Company in Jay, Maine, in 1987-88. Over 40- testimonies by strikers and their supporters explain in their own words the significance of this struggle for themselves, their families, their community and future generations.


Table of Contents

1. A Ballot for the Future
2. To the Board of Directors, International Paper Company
3. Mark Well That in This Place you Stood
4. The More Involved I Got, the Better I felt
5. Christmas is for Church and Family
6. Union Family
7. Pain on their Faces
8. It Made Your Blood Thicken
9. We Were Forced to go on Strike
10. I Took a Stand
11. Goose Bumps
12. The Strike was not Lost in Jay
13. We Fought Hard
14. Our Local Won the Strike
15. I Now Speak Out When I See an Injustice
16. It was Their Right to Do So
17. The First and Second Split
18. Two Extremes of Feeling in a Second's Time
19. The Book
20. What the Strike of 1987 Meant to Me
21. Fight! Resist!
22. My Impressions during 1987 Strike at Androscoggin Mill
23. The Story has no End, It's Living History
24. I Sat and Cried
25. We Had to put up with These Gestapo Tactics
26. This Will Never Heal
27. On the Picket Line Again
28. Here we go Again
29. The Foremen Talk
30. I Stand as Solid as Ever
31. Jay, Maine, Lauded
32. Stood Firm Her Ground
33. An Open Letter to Peter Kellman
34. United we Stand
35. We all need to Stick Together
36. Scabs Out, Union In
37. It Gave Me New Hope for Our Country
38. I Did Not Walk Out Those Doors Alone
39. We will Never Forget
40. Really Made Me Feel Good
41. Stand Up for Labour
42. Like the Rat He Is
43. A Union Member's Wife and Proud of it!
44. Letter of Resignation

Subject Headings

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