The Politics of Urban Liberation

Schecter, Stephen
Publisher:  Black Rose Books, Montreal, Canada
Year Published:  1978
Pages:  202pp   ISBN:  0-919618-78-2
Library of Congress Number:  JS78.S33   Dewey:  320.9'173'2
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6495

A broad-ranging study which covers the political economy of the urban question and the importance of the city in the history of social revolution. Schechter's evaluation of libertarian insurgency highlights the importance of movements from below dealing with housing, transportation and other issues of daily life.


Table of Contents


Chapter One: The Political Economy of the Urban Question
Monopoly capital and the transformation of social life
The fiscal crisis of the state

Chapter Two: Urban Politics and the Redefinition of the Revolutionary Project
The strategic implications of urban struggles and their contradictions
Libertarian socialism: the material and political possibilities

Chapter Three: Revolution from Below: The Historical Experience
Leninism vs Social-Democracy: Russia and Germany
Italy, 1920
Spain: the anarchist tradition
Hungary, 1956
Portugal, 1974-75
Revolutionary Politics: the libertarian alternative

Chapter Four: Revolution from Below: Contemporary Urban Struggles

Chapter Five: Elements of a Socialist Strategy on the Urban Question
The dialectic of revolution and reform
Revolutionary politics: theory, organization and the new praxis

Chapter Six: The Experience of the Montreal Citizens' Movement (MCM)
A short history of the MCM: strategic difficulties and class contradictions
The Quebec left, the current political context and the MCM
The future of the MCM

Chapter Seven: The Impossible Revolution and its Historical Necessity
Urban politics as metaphor and practice
Revolutionary politics in the here and now


Subject Headings

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