Marxism: A Re-Examination

Zeitlin, Irving
Publisher:  D. Van Nostrand Company, Princeton
Year Published:  1967
Pages:  170pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6431

A study of the social and political theory of Karl Marx, by an academic sociologist.


Table of Contents

I. The Philosophical Foundations of Marx's Social Thought
Marx's Relationship to Hegel, 1; Hegel's Dialectical Philosophy, 2; Marx's Dialectical Conception of Society and History, 6; Marx and Saint-Simon, 17; The English Classical Economists, 19; Marx's Ethical Outlook, 23

II. Marx's Conception of the Capitalist Mode of Production
Marx's Model, 33; The Origins of the Capitalist System, 36; The Two Main Classes of the Capitalist System, 38; The Growth of the Productive Forces under Capitalism: Productivity, Exploitation and Alienation, 45

III. Marx's Theory of the Capitalist System
General Theory, 61; The State, 73; Critical Evaluation of Marx's Major Theoretical Propositions , 78; Reflections on Marx's Agency of Change, 108

IV. Theory as a Guide to the Study of Society
The Heuristic Value of the Theory, 121; The Class Struggles in France, 128; The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte. 137; Germany: Revolution and Counterrevolution, 142; The Civil War in France, 148; Marx's Paradigm for an Analysis of the Structure and Change of Whole Societies, 152




Subject Headings

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