Marxism and the Russian Anarchists

D'Agostino, Anthony
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6430

Studies of the ideas of Russian anarchists, including anarcho-syndicalists, anarchist-communists, Makheavists, council anarchists, Makhnovism, and soviet anarchists.


Table of Contents


1. The Components of Marxism and The Hostile Fragment
2. Machiavellism From Below: Bakuninism and State Socialism
3. Theoretical Harmony and Practical Dynamite: The Problem of Kropotkinism
4. Makhaevism: Intelligentsia Socialism and the Socialization of Intelligence
5. G. P. Maskimov and the Problem of the Forms of Freedom
6. The Party Versus the Partisan: The United Anarchism of Volin
7. From Makhno to Stalin: The Odyssey of P. A. Arshinov
8. Conclusion: The New Class and the Old Class Struggle



Subject Headings

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