Marx's Concept of Man

Fromm, Erich
Publisher:  Frederick Ungar Publishing, New York
Year Published:  1961
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6422

It is one of the peculiar ironies of history that there are no limits to the misunderstanding and distortion of theories, even in an age when there is unlimited access to the sources; there is no more drastic example of this phenomenon than what has happened to the theory of Karl Marx in the last few decades....I shall try to demonstrate that this interpretation of Marx is completely false; that his theory does not assume that the main motive of man is one of material gain; that, furthermore, the very aim of Marx is to liberate man from the pressure of economic needs, so that he can be fully human; that Marx is primarily concerned with the emancipation of man as an individual, the overcoming of alienation, the restoration of his capacity to relate himself fully to man and to nature; that Marx's philosophy constitutes a spiritual existentialism in secular language and because of this spiritual quality is opposed to the materialistic practice and thinly disguised materialistic philosophy of our age.


Table of Contents

1. The Falsification of Marx's Concepts
2. Marx's Historical Materialism
3. The Problem of Consciousness, Social Structure and the Use of Force
4. The Nature of Man
5. Alienation
6. Marx's Concept of Socialism
7. The Continuity in Marx's Thought
8. Marx the Man

Translated by T.B. Bottomore

Translator's Note
First Manuscript: Alienated Labor
Second Manuscript: The Relationship of Private Property
Third Manuscript: Private Property and Labor
Private Property and Communism
Needs, production and Division of Labor
Critique of Hegel's Dialectic and General Philosophy

From German Ideology, Karl Marx

Preface to a Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, Karl Marx

Introduction to the Critique of Hegel's philosophy of Law. Critique of Religion, Karl Marx

Reminiscences of Marx, Paul Lafargue

Jenny Marx, Eleanor Marx-Aveling

Confession, Karl Marx

Karl Marx's Funeral, Frederick Engels

Afterword, Erich Fromm

Subject Headings

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