The History of Marxism
1. Marxism in Marx's Day

Hobsbawm, Eric J. (ed.)
Publisher:  Indiana University Press
Year Published:  1982
Pages:  350pp   ISBN:  0-253-32812-8
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6321


Table of Contents

1.Marx, Engels and Pre-Marxian Socialism
Eric J. Hobsbawm

2.The Materialistic Concept of History
David McLellan

3.Marx and the Concept of History
Pierre Vilar

4.Marx's Critique of Political Economy
Maurice Dobb

5.Marx 'Philosopher'
Istvan Meszaros

6.Marx and the Qusest for Communist Liberty
Nicola Badaloni

7.Theory of Evolution, Revolution and the State: The Critical Relation of Marx to his Contemporaries Darwin, Carlyle, Morgan, Maine and Kovalevsky
Lawrence Krader

8.Marx, Engels and Politics
Eric J. Hobsbawm

9.Marx and Marxism
Georges Haupt

10.Engels and the History of Marxism
Gareth Stedman Jones

11.The Fortunes of Marx's and Engels' Writings
Eric J. Hobsbawn


Subject Headings

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