The Age of Permanent Revolution
A Trotsky Anthology

Deutscher, Isaac
Publisher:  Dell
Year Published:  1964
Pages:  384pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6156

A collection of writings by Leon Trotsky.


Table of Contents

Biographical Note


1. Youth and First Exile: 1879-1905
On Optimism and Pessimism; on the 20th Century and on Many Other Issues
The Proletariat and the Revolution

2. The Revolution of 1905
The Soviet of 1905 and the Revolution (Fifty Days)
Speech to the Tsarist Court

3. Revolutionary Perspectives and Second Exile: 1906-1914
The Theory of the Permanent Revolution
The New Resurgence

4. The First World War: 1914-1917
War and the International
The Zimmerwald Manifesto

5. The 1917 Revolution
The Law of Uneven and Combined Development
Bolsheviks and Lenin
Speech in the Soviet Against the Coalition Government
Statement of Solidarity with the Bolshevik Leaders
The Congress of the Soviet Dictatorship

6. The Red Army and the Civil War: 1918-1921
Infantry Regulations and Orders of the General Staff of the Revolution
Terrorism in War and Revolution

7. The First Five Years Of The Communist International: 1919-1924
Thoughts on the Progress of the Proletarian Revolution

8. The Tasks Of Soviet Reconstruction: 1921-1926
Russia and the Capitalist World

9. The Struggle Against Stalinist Bureaucratism: 1923-1929
A Letter to Party Meetings
Theses on Revolution and Counterrevolution
Criticism of the Theory of "Socialism in One Country"
The Soviet Thermidor

10. Europe: 1923-1940
Italy: How Mussolini Triumphed
Germany: The Rise of Hitlerism
The Cycle of Fascist Development
The Crisis of German Capitalism
The Tragedy of the German Proletariat
What is National Socialism?
France: At the Turning Point
Spain: The Civil War

11. The English-Speaking World: 1917-1940
England: The Fabian Theory of Socialism
The United States of America
American Socialist Leaders
The "Pacifist" Imperialism of the USA
If America Should Go Communist
Fascism and the New Deal
The Future of the United States

12. The Colonial World: 1923-1940
Prospects and Tasks in the Far East
The Second Chinese Revolution: 1925-1927
Open Letter to the Workers of India
The Future of Latin America

13. The Fourth International: 1933-1940
The Death Agony of Capitalism
The Second World War

14. The Moscow Trials: 1936-1938
I Stake My Life!
The Why and wherefore of these Trials

15. The Degeneration Of The Russian Revolution And The Road To Its Regeneration
Whither the Soviet Union?
The USSR and the Problems of the Transitional Epoch
Letter to the Workers of the USSR

16. The Masters Of Marxism
Ninety years of the Communist Manifesto
Lenin on his 50th Birthday

17. Questions Of Culture, Literature, Art, Morals
The Struggle for Cultured Speech
Culture and Socialism
Literature and Revolution
Tolstoy: Poet and Rebel
Ends and Means in Morality

18. Science And Philosophy
Dialectical Materialism and Science
Radioactivity and Materialism
The ABC of Materialist Dialectics

19. Trotsky's Testament

20. His Vision Of The Future

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