Who Pays? Who Profits? Food Production in Canada

Year Published:  1983
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2774

This montage looks at the history of farming in Canada. The spirit of co-operation among farmers is seen giving way to rising competition among them. At the same time farmers' interests being to conflict first with the railroad and elevator interests and later with the government. In the present, farmers are increasingly caught in a cost squeeze as the costs of arm inputs soar and the prices paid for farm produce remin consistently low. The show details how industry has come to control the lion's share of the consumer's food dollar. in the same vein, the difficulties of workers in food-related industries and the complaints of consumers are looked at in the light of the emerging market power of corporate food empires.
The montage contrasts these trends, and the 'solutions' offered by the Department of Agriculture to an alternative view of agriculture based on co-operative enterprise and public ownership of farm land.

Subject Headings

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