Israeli human rights organization highlights deterioration of Palestinian health under occupation
Date Written:  2015-04-05
Publisher:  Independent Jewish Voices Canada
Year Published:  2015
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23363

Two reports from Physicians for Human Rights-Israel detail how Israeli occupation is harming the health of Palestinians.



"The report compiles data that reveal numerous severe disparities," said Canadian physician and Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) spokesperson Miriam Garfinkle. "Infant mortality is five times higher than in Israel, and maternal mortality is four times higher. There is a 10 year gap in life expectancy between Israelis and Palestinians. Expenditure for health care per capita in the Occupied Palestinian Territory is only one-eighth of the expenditure for Israel’s health services. There are eight times more specialists in Israel than in the Palestinian health care system in the West Bank and Gaza."

PHR-I calls for a broad framework for investigation by a national committee of inquiry that will cover not only the conduct of the Israeli army, but Israel’s policies in the West Bank and Gaza.

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