Thousands of Palestinians and Israelis Chant: 'No to the nation-state law, yes to equality'

Publisher:  IMEMC News & Agencies
Date Written:  12/08/2018
Year Published:  2018  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22939

Palestinian flags were seen held high during a demonstration in which tens of thousands of Arab Palestinians and Israeli Jews marched on Saturday, in Tel Aviv, to protest against the controversial Jewish Nation-State Law.



About 30,000 protesters gathered in Rabin Square, in Tel Aviv, and marched towards the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, where the main rally took place. Throughout the demonstration, Arabs and Jews came together to protest the Nationality Law and demanded for it to be annulled under the slogan "No to the nation-state law, yes to equality."

Despite the protest organizers' decision to ban the waving of flags, several protesters were seen waving Israeli and Palestinian flags throughout the event, according to Ma'an News Agency.

In response to the raised Palestinian flags, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted, on his Twitter account, a video from the demonstration of a few protesters waving the Palestinian flag and chanting "With spirit, with blood we shall redeem you, Palestine," and wrote, "There is no better evidence of the Nationality Law’s necessity."

The message of the protest organizers regarding the demonstration stated, "Our statement is clear: All citizens, all of them, are equal."

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