Socialist Register 2017
Volume 53: Rethinking Revolution

Panitch, Leo; Albo, Greg (eds.)

Publisher:  Socialist Register
Date Written:  11/10/2016
Year Published:  2016  
Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX22878

This 53rd volume of the Socialist Register addresses the question of the meaning of revolution in the twenty-first century. Coming to terms with the legacy of 1917 is obviously one aspect of this. ‘October’ was a unique event that provided inspiration for millions of oppressed people, and also became an inevitable point of reference for socialist politics in the twentieth century. The twenty-first century left needs to both understand and transcend this legacy through a critical reappraisal of its broad effects – both positive and negative – on political, intellectual and cultural life everywhere as well as on the other revolutions that took place over the last century. But the main point of the volume is to look forward more than back. All revolutions emerge in conjunctures saturated with unique contra-dictions, contingencies, class alignments and struggles.



Table of Content:

Socialist Register 2017 Preface
Leo Panitch, Gregory Albo

The Distinctive Heritage of 1917: Resuscitating Revolution’s Longue Durée
Bryan D. Palmer, Joan Sangster

Class, Party and the Challenge of State Transformation
Leo Panitch, Sam Gindin

The Actuality Of Revolution
Jodi Dean

Radicalizing the Movement-Party Relation: From Ralph Miliband to Jeremy Corbyn and Beyond
Hilary Wainwright

The Heritage of Eurocommunism in the Contemporary Radical Left
Fabien Escalona

Revolution in a Warming World: Lessons from the Russian to the Syrian Revolutions
Andreas Malm

Beyond Eco-Catastrophism: The Conditions for Solar Communism
David Schwartzman

South Africa’s Next Revolt: Eco-Socialist Opportunities
Patrick Bond

Turning the Tide: Revolutionary Potential and the Limits of Bolivia’s ‘Process of Change’
Robert Cavooris

Something Left in Latin America: Venezuela and the Struggle for Twenty-First Century Socialism
Steve Striffler

In Search of the ‘Modern Prince’: The New Québec Rebellion
Pierre Beaudet

Marx and Engels on the Revolutionary Party
August H. Nimtz

1917 and the ‘Workers’ State’: Looking Back
A W Zurbrugg

The ‘People’s War’ and the Legacy of the Chinese Revolution
Wang Hui

Revolution as ‘National Liberation’ and the Origins of Neoliberal Antiracism
Adolph Reed

Picturing the Whole: Form, Reform, Revolution
Walter Benn Michaels

Addressing the Impossible
Slavoj Zizek

On Revolutionary Optimism of the Intellect
Leo Panitch

Subject Headings

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