Israel uses Palestinian land to illegally dump toxic waste


Publisher:  The Electronic Intifada
Date Written:  07/12/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21905

Israel dumps unknown waste and military garbage in a disposal site in Kisan village, in the occupied West Bank.



Israel has turned the occupied West Bank into a dumping ground for its waste in violation of international law.

"Israel's environmental policy in the West Bank, including situating polluting waste treatment facilities there, is part and parcel of the policy of dispossession and annexation it has practiced in the West Bank for the past 50 years," a new report by human rights group B'Tselem says.

"Israel is exploiting the West Bank for its own benefit, ignoring the needs of the Palestinians almost entirely, and harming both them and their environment."

Palestinians in the West Bank, unlike Israeli settlers living in neighboring illegal settlements, have no influence on Israel's decisions to operate waste treatment facilities on their land.

Israel abuses its status as an occupying power to impose these facilities on Palestinian communities, completely disregarding the hazards they pose.

Israel dumps sewage sludge, infectious medical waste, oils and solvents, electronic waste and used batteries, among other materials.

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