'It's okay to be racist in Israel'
An Israeli conscientious objector speaks out about racism and subjugation as the occupation enters its 51st year.

Tahhan, Zena

Publisher:  Al Jazeera
Date Written:  29/07/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21044

An interview with Sahar Vardi, a conscientious objector in opposition to Israel's policies in the Palestinian territories, who was sentenced to prison and detention for her defiance.


Excerpt: To sustain the occupation industry, Israel makes it mandatory by law for Israeli citizens, excluding Palestinians and Orthodox Jews, to enter the military at 18. Men have to serve just under three years while women serve two years.

Yet, there are Israeli citizens who refuse to serve in the military for several reasons, including opposition to the army's policies in the Palestinian territories it occupies.

Sahar Vardi, 27, is one of such refusers. She is an Israeli activist who was sentenced to prison and detention eight times consecutively for her defiance in 2008. Vardi also faced other repercussions for her decision; she said she would get very late phone calls for periods up to a year at a time with people cursing at her.

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