The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg

Luxemburg, Rosa (edited by Georg Adler, Peter Hudis, and Annelies Laschitza)
Publisher:  Verso
Year Published:  2011   First Published:  1990
Pages:  609pp   ISBN:  978-1-84467-453-4
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX16738

Blending a passionate sensibility and a steely intellect with an unshakeable commitment to revolutionary socialism, Rosa Luxemburg is one of the towering figures of the twentieth century. In this comprehensive collection selection of Luxemburg's letters, her political concerns are revealed alongside the story of a vivid inner life.


Table of Contents:

Introduction: Rediscovering Rosa Luxemburg, by Peter Hudis
Introduction from the Editor of the German Edition, by Annelies Laschitza
Translator's Note

The Letters, July 17, 1891 - January 11, 1919

A Glossary of Personal Names
Selected List of Publications
Archive Locations of the Letters

Subject Headings

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