Transnational Social Strike
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Purpose: We experience every day that things in the workplaces and in society have changed. Organization of labour struggles is weakened by the divisions between those who work in the same hub, factory, school, call centre etc. Solidarity is challenged by the differences of nationality, contracts, time of employment, political conditions such as residence permits for migrants or patriarchal violence against women. The TSS Platform was born out of the realisation that there is no local way out to this situation: only a political movement that builds connections across borders can overturn this state of affairs and accumulate a common strength.

We have seen in the last decade that the strike has emerged again as the most powerful form of struggle and tool for connecting different subjects. Migrants strikes, feminist strike and coordinated strikes in logistical warehouses are the experiences we take inspiration from and we aim at triggering and enlarging. The strike is for us the name of a power that aims at damaging the pillars on which this unequal and unjust society is grounded. Building the conditions to exercise this power is what we need in order to overthrow the current state of subordination to employers and politicians.

The TSS Platform is a political infrastructure to confront these challenges and push forward the movement of strike on a transnational scale. It is a space of organization, communication and encounter where different figures of labour can think together about how to develop a common vision, how to support common claims capable of being instruments of emancipation and how to build the conditions of possibility of the transnational social strike.

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