Socialist Alternative Canada
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Purpose: Socialist Alternative has been active in Anglophone Canada for nearly 20 years and was previously known as Labour Militant and then Socialist Resistance. We work closely with Alternative Socialiste in Quebec.

Socialist Alternative is active in youth and student activities, the unions, environmental movements, and other campaigns for economic and social justice. We work to build on the traditions of struggle of workers, which won some significant improvements in the past. Now with these gains under attack and growing big new problems ahead, it is vital that Canadian workers and youth have the political program and strategies to complete these struggles - winning a socialist Quebec and Canada and linking internationally in a socialist world.

Socialist Alternative realizes that capitalism is incapable of providing a society where the working class and it allies, in Canada and internationally, can have a good quality of life on a healthy planet. Therefore we work both for reforms now and for a mass democratic socialist transformation of society.

Socialist Alternative and Alternative Socialiste support the international movement, the Committee for a Workers' International, which is active in 45 countries in all six inhabited continents.

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Structure: Non-Profit

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