Dalit Solidarity
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Website: http://www.dalitsolidarity.org/dalits-and-untoucchability.html

Purpose: We are Dalit Solidarity - a nonprofit and charitable organization that consists of humanitarians, educators, volunteers and human right advocates who would like to involve and participate in the lives of the Dalits who themselves cannot help toward their own freedom. We are Dalits and non-Dalits, Indian and non-Indian, students and adults, working together to provide a better life for dalits and the poor people with the tools needed to make a better life-education, healthcare, and jobs. For the last one decade, we have been working toward the emancipation and empowerment of the Dalits through social awareness, educational program, economical opportunities and developmental projects.

Our Mission: Advocate for the Marginalisedand the Outcaste

Dalit Solidarity is committed to the principles of justice and equality for all Indians, regardless of caste, race, gender or religion. This commitment is expressed by providing access to quality health care and education, by making economic opportunities available for India's poorest citizens, and by working to protect human rights.

Structure: Non-Profit

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