Workers' Liberty
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Alliance for Workers' Liberty
20E Tower Workshops, Riley Road
London SE1 3DG,


Purpose: The first thing the AWL stands for is the idea of socialists being organised. We believe that individual socialists, no matter how right their politics or good their intentions, can never be as effective as an organised, educated, activist socialist group.

In the last hundred years, at many times, in many countries, the absence or slackness of socialist organisation has meant revolutionary openings missed, and counter-revolutionary outcomes imposed.

The AWL is only one of many socialist groups that exist in Britain today. We believe wholeheartedly in left unity. We did our best to build the Socialist Alliance, a coalition which allowed a measure of unity across the left from 2000 until the biggest force in it, the SWP, shut it down early in 2004. We unite with many other socialist groups day to day, week to week, on issues which arise in workplaces, trade unions, and communities.

But to develop lasting and effective unity, the left needs to rethink and redefine its ideas. To sacrifice everything to unity at all costs would leave us no room to debate out ideas, and anyway would not work.

The 20th century has left us with many experiences and debates to learn from -- but with a vast variety of self-styled left and socialist traditions. Some, like Stalinism, discredit the left. An effective socialist organisation needs to redefine the left#s basic political vocabulary, establishing clear definitions for what words like 'socialist' mean.

The AWL calls itself Marxist and Trotskyist - not as dogma, but in the same sense that any real scientist is in the tradition of Einstein and Darwin.

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