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Website: http://femen.org/en/

Purpose: FEMEN is an international women's movement of brave topless female activists painted with the slogans and crowned with flowers.
We live in the world of male economic, cultural and ideological occupation. In this world, a woman is a slave, she is stripped of the right to any property but above all she is stripped of ownership of her own body. All functions of the female body are harshly controlled and regulated by patriarchy. Separated from the woman, her body is an object to monstrous patriarchal exploitation, animated by production of heirs, surplus profits, sexual pleasures and pornographic shows. Complete control over the woman's body is the key instrument of her suppression; the woman's sexual demarche is the key to her liberation. Manifestation of the right to her body by the woman is the first and the most important step to her liberation. Female nudity, free of patriarchal system, is a grave-digger of the system, militant manifesto and sacral symbol of women's liberation

FEMEN's naked attacks is a naked nerve of the historic woman-system conflict, its most visual and appropriate illustration. Activist#s naked body is the undisguised hatred toward the patriarchal order and new aesthetics of women's revolution.

FEMEN's Goal: Complete victory over patriarchy

FEMEN's Objectives:
- by strength of courage and personal example, to initiate global women#s mob law over patriarchy as the historically first, and last, existing form of slavery.
- to provoke patriarchy into open conflict by forcing it to disclose its aggressive antihuman nature to fully discredit it in the eyes of history.
- to ideologically undermine the fundamental institutes of patriarchy - dictatorship, sex-industry, and church -- by putting these institutes through subversive trolling to force them to strategic surrender.
- to promote new revolutionary female sexuality as opposed to the patriarchal erotic and pornography.
- to instill in modern women culture of active opposition to the evil and of struggle for justice.
- to create the most influential and combat-effective women's union in the world.

Geographic Scope: International

Structure: Non-Profit

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