Talking Radical
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Purpose: Every community, every workplace, and every individual life in Canada owes some of their current shape to long histories of struggle. And the lives we live tomorrow, next year, and in seven generations will be shaped by the struggles going on today.

All of our lives contain moments of refusal and resistance to the oppressive social relations in which we are immersed, but taking those moments in our individual lives and weaving them into collective efforts to create change is no easy task. Yet it is also absolutely necessary to build the collective 'we' -- or, more likely, the multiple 'we#s' -- that might be able to win the struggles necessary to carry us towards a world that is just and where all of us can thrive. And one crucial aspect of that work is learning what those who have come before us, and also those who are in different places and who face different struggles than us, have already been doing. Only with such listening will we be able to better understand the world and each other; only in so doing will we find ways to link our disparate struggles together in ways that make all of us stronger.

Talking Radical is a multifaceted project grounded in grassroots voices from across Canada and aimed at people who think movements matter.

Geographic Scope: National

Structure: Non-Profit

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