Marx Memorial Library
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Purpose: The aim of the Marx Memorial Library & Workers' School Trust is the advancement of education, knowledge and learning by the provision of a library of books, periodicals and manuscripts relating to all aspects of the science of Marxism, the history of Socialism and the working class movement. It is an independent organisation, and a registered charity, financed by its members and affiliates.

Since its establishment the Marx Memorial Library has been the intellectual home of generations of scholars interested in studying Marx and Marxism The Library is home to an impressive number and variety of archives and collections including the full run of the Daily Worker and Morning Star, The International Brigade Archive, Bernal Peace Library, Klugnmann Collection and an extensive Photograph Library. As a registered charity we rely on your support to continue our work as one of the foremost institutions serving the British Labour Movement and working people, in preserving their past and in providing practical education for the future.

Activities/Services: Library, Speakers

Structure: Non-Profit

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