See Sharp Press
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Purpose: See Sharp Press is a cause-driven small press. Our mission is to make available radical books and pamphlets in the standard commercial outlets, especially books/pamphlets in the areas of anarchism and atheism. We want to live in a free, sane (that is, in part, religion-free) world, and feel that this is the best contribution we can make toward that goal.
We publish books and pamphlets in other areas for three reasons: 1) We have some expertise in those areas; 2) We feel that the materials we publish in them are inherently worthwhile; 3) They help to support publication of anarchist and other political books that often do not pay their own way.
Our primary book publishing niches are music, anarchism, atheism, science fiction, psychology, and modern (non-12-step) alcohol/drug abuse self-help.

Founded: 1984

Structure: Non-Profit

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