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Urbanización La Esperanza, 27 Av. Norte #1140
Entre 19 y 21 Calle Poniente
San Salvador,


Purpose: The MUPI is a foundation dedicated to the investigation, preservation, and dissemination of the historical and cultural heritage of El Salvador. The MUPI permanently accompanies indigenous and peasant communities in their process to document their historical memory, and organizes youth workshops on themes such as memory and human rights.

History: After the Civil War (1980-1992) and with the signing of the Chapultepec Peace Accords in 1992, journalist Carlos Henríquez Consalvi (also known as 'Santiago'), directed a team initiative to rescue diverse archives and audio files on social movements. This conservation effort has been extended since to include diverse themes regarding Salvadoran culture, identity, and history

Activities/Services: Exhibits

Structure: Non-Profit

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