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Purpose: A nationwide campaign to save the America's last Ancient Forests, end clearcutting and all other destructive forms of logging,, and restore our nation's wild and natural forests using the science of conservation biology as a guide.
A coalition of thousands of scientists, citizens, and groups throughout America working together to protect local forests, including the largest trees on earth, the Giant Sequoias in Giant Sequoia National Monument, where 50% of the Sequoias are found, and the entire national forest system, over 200 million acres, including tens of millions of acres of roadless and Ancient forests.
An international coalition working with the indigenous Waorani (Huaorani) to protect Yasuní Rainforest in the Ecuadorian Amazon from destruction by oil extraction, logging, and other threats. We are also working to protect the Peruvian Amazon and are working with indigenous people there

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