Albert Einstein Institution
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Purpose: Founded in 1983 by Dr. Gene Sharp, The Albert Einstein Institution is dedicated to advancing the study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflicts throughout the world.
The mission of the Albert Einstein Institution is to advance the worldwide study and strategic use of nonviolent action in conflict.
The Institution is committed to:
* defending democratic freedoms and institutions
* opposing oppression, dictatorship, and genocide, and
* reducing reliance on violence as an instrument of policy.
This mission is pursued in three ways, by:
* encouraging research and policy studies on the methods of nonviolent action and their past use in diverse conflicts
* sharing the results of this research with the public through publications, conferences, and the media, and
* consulting with groups in conflict about the strategic potential of nonviolent action.

Geographic Scope: International

Resources: Books, Handbooks, Reports

Structure: Non-Profit

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