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Takoma Park, MD 20912,

E-Mail: info [at] fairvote [dot] org

Purpose: FairVote is a catalyst for reforming our elections to respect every vote and every voice through bold approaches to increase voter turnout, meaningful ballot choices and fair representation. As the national organization most focused on fundamental structural reform of American elections, we act as a traditional think tank through careful research, innovative analysis, effective educational resources and timely conferences, but also creatively engage with leading reformers, thought leaders and the media to turn new ideas into widely accepted policy options.
We ground our reform advocacy in fundamental democratic principles and regularly consider new ideas and approaches to uphold those principles. At the same time, we focus our research, education and outreach on several bold yet achievable changes within three general categories:
* Fair access to participation: We support universal voter registration, a constitutionally protected right to vote and education preparing youth for their role in our democracy.
* Fair elections: We support a national popular vote for president, instant runoff voting for single-winner offices and more transparent and accountable election administration.
* Fair representation: We support choice voting and other methods of proportional voting for local, state and national elections.
To carry out our mission, we pursue four core strategies:
1) We generate ideas through innovative research on elections and potential reform.
2) We act as a reform catalyst by drawing attention to our proposals and how they address specific problems in our democracy through media outreach, public education, communications and coalition building.
3) We seek opportunities to learn from the implementation of our reform ideas through strategic advocacy, voting rights litigation and assistance in implementation.
4) We create models of civic learning and voter education designed to prepare everyone for active citizenship through increasing public awareness of our electoral rules, the history of suffrage and ideas for election reform.

Structure: Non-Profit

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