Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
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220 E. 42nd St, (Room 407)
New York, NY 10017,


Purpose: We are people of all races and national backgrounds who are committed to the struggle for democracy and socialism. Our name is taken from the history of the U.S. revolutionary war against British colonialism. In the 1770s, Committees of Correspondence were formed in all 13 colonies and became the catalyst for united action against British oppression. We, too, seek united action among all who feel the brunt of oppression in the U.S. And we believe that our Committees of Correspondence will, as before, be a catalyst for change. Our members are activists in all the social movements of our country - of labor, civil rights, immigrant rights, women, peace, international solidarity, gay and lesbian rights, environment, youth and students, seniors, and religion. We have come together to help shape a clear cut alternative to the destructive, mean-spirited corporate drive for profit above all else. We seek constructive solutions to the problems of poverty and unemployment, racism, sexism, health, education, and housing.

Structure: Non-Profit

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