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Purpose: Newspaper of Internationalist Communist Organization.
Being communists means scientifically understanding that, although capitalism has enormously developed and "socialised" production, it has also appropriated the results for its own private purposes by submitting it to the capitalist laws of profit rather than dedicating it to the satisfaction of social needs; that capitalism is based on the systematic and increasing exploitation of wage labour (labour as a good), and is therefore antagonistic towards it; that the famous "self-regulating" market to which capitalism refers is actually a permanently anarchic factor eventually destined to explode under the weight of crises and wars; that the only way out from this anarchy (which is paid for in terms of proletarian suffering and blood) is the destruction of the present system and the organisation of a society finally based on the rational administration of social (and natural) resources for the purpose of satisfying the social needs of man.

Languages: English, Italian

Structure: Non-Profit

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