Macrocosm USA
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Purpose: Macrocosm USA strives to present solutions and holistic approaches to urgent social and environmental problems and provide materials to aid in understanding the social and environmental sciences. As an electronic networking hub, it will endeavor to become a vital international network of people, projects, and organizations. A strong core of activities will center around its publishing, database, and computer networking. A small staff and interns will be necessary to ensure the continuation of its efforts: a directory/reader, computer network (MacroNet), periodic reports, online support, and supplemental updates. Tax-deductible contributions and memberships are are welcome. Macrocosm USA has relied on no grant monies. It seeks to work with individuals and organizations who desire to reduce duplication and merge efforts. Perhaps by reducing redundancy we may, with many hands, make light work - as well as save time and money in the face of dwindling resources.

Structure: Non-Profit

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