Group for Research and Initiative for the Liberation of Africa
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CP 55005
Montreal, QC
H2T 3E2


Purpose: GRILA's goal is to contribute to the emergence and consolidation of self-directed and self-reliant development in Africa, and to foster international solidarity in support of this form of development. Concretely, this work involves popular education and political action in Africa and internationally. GRILA actively supports democratic and progressive forces in Africa that struggle for:
* the destruction of all forms of racism and ethnocentrism;
* the respect of collective and human rights;
* the overthrow of regimes allied with imperialist interests;
* a balance between rural and urban incomes; food self-sufficiency; the fulfillment of basic needs;
* the political, economic and social emancipation of women; transformation of sexist mentalities;
* popular and civic participation, popular democracy and the promotion and empowerment of Africa's youth;
* self-reliant, ecologically sustainable development;
* the emergence of regional panafricanist States that are politically and economically accountable to their citizens;
* selective delinking from the world system

Founded: 1984

Geographic Scope: International

Languages: English, French

Structure: Non-Profit

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