Work Stress

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Auto worker says automation creates worker alienation
Diemer, Ulli
It is only struggle, says Martin Glaberman, that creates an awareness of collective strength.
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Degraded Work: The Struggle at the Bottom of the Labor Market
Doussard, Marc
Doussard demonstrates that the decline in wages and working conditions is anything but the unavoidable result of competitive economic forces. Rather, he makes the case that service sector and other lo...
Forced to Love the Grind: Passion is the new workplace requirement - and one that should be resisted
Tokumitsu, Miya
In this world, legendary figures are the ones who remain in the office for one hundred hours straight, working through their children's musical recitals and 104-degree fevers. The idea is that workers...
The Hidden Injuries of Class
Sennett, Richard; Cobb, Jonathon
Sennett and Cobb look at human relations between people of different classes and analyze everyday life and ordinary situations to identify class signals that make people feel inadequate.
Judging workers for control and profit
Lin, Htun
The computer with its air of objectivity has come to dominate human beings. The usurping of human judgment pervades all of society, from healthcare and education to manufacturing and the judicial sphe...
"A kind of super-stress": The Experiences of a Temporary Agency Worker in Montreal
Immigrant's experiences reflect the difficulties faced by temporary agency workers in Montreal.
A Troublemaker's Handbook 2
Slaughter, Jane (ed.)
A manual for workers who want to take control over their lives at work. In hundreds of first-person accounts, workers tell in their own words how they organized and struggled to do that.
Work Overload: Time for a Union Strategy
Hurley, Michael; Gindin, Sam
Talk to workers in any sector, in any workplace and sooner or later they’ll get to their frustrations with their ever-increasing workloads: ‘I’m struggling’, they’ll lament to fellow workers or anyone...
Workshop Talks: Reclaim our labor
Htun, Lin
Lin discusses the precarious conditions under which healthcare labourers work.

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Oil Sands Workers Don't Cry
Dembicki, Geoff
Toughing it out in the cold, isolated, male world of mobile workers in Alberta's oil patch.