Tyranny of the Minority

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Blocking Progress: Consensus Decision Making In The Anti-Nuclear Movement
Ryan, Howard
Howard Ryan maintains that consensus is wrong in principle and in practice: "The problem is not so much that individuals are being irresponsible or somehow abusing the consensus process. The problem l...
Consensus decision-making: Connexipedia Article
Article about the group decision making process known as consensus decision-making.
One Vote for Democracy: Consensus vs. democracy
Diemer, Ulli
Makes the case that the democratic model is better than the consensus model for activist group decision-making.
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - July 3, 2015: Greece and thd debt crisis
Diemer, Ulli (editor); Rickwood, Darien Yawching (production)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Our spotlight this issue is on the debt crisis facing Greece. To understand the crisis, one has to look beyond the mainstream media to alternative sources of information. We've done that, with article...
The Theology of Consensus
Kauffman, L.A.
Consensus decision-making has dominated social movements for forty years. Let’s try something different. Outside of small-group settings, consensus process is unwieldy, off-putting, tiresome, and inef...
The Tyranny of Structurelessness
Freeman, Jo
Contrary to what we would like to believe, there is no such thing as a "structureless" group. Any group of people of whatever nature that comes together for any length of time for any purpose will ine...
Wall Street occupation ignites mass movement
Bihn, Pham
The simple, horizontal structure originally created around a GA using modified consensus has become a barrier to practical and political work by the occupiers and those involved through working groups...
What Really Caused the Implosion of the Occupy Movement - An Insider's View: Taking a hard look at some of the self-sabotaging behaviors of the left
Marom, Yotam
It's a cool night in early October of 2011, the height of Occupy Wall Street. Two months ago I had just moved into my parents' basement, feeling deflated after the end of Bloombergville (a two-week st...