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Connexions Library

The No-Nonsense Guide to Global Media
Steven, Peter
Peter Steven aims to make readers realize the power and influence of dominant media but, at the same time, also understand that they are not "omnipotent" and that there are alternative forms available...

Sources Library

Capital on CD-Rom, Cat Optional - CD-Rom Review
Finkel, Joel R.
Karl Marx's Multimedia Capital, v.1. Cominsane Press, 1998. Distributed by Monthly Review Press, 1-800-670-9499. $20.
Robert Lepage virtual-reality show fetes 10th birthday of the Grande Bibliothèque
Inspired by author Alberto Manguel's The Library at Night, Lepage uses Oculus Rift for immersive adventure
Kelly, Jeanette
In what Robert Lepage calls the most ambitious use of Oculus Rift virtual-reality technology to date, a new exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of Montreal's Grande Bibliothèque takes visitors...